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White Water Rafting in Oregon

White Water Rafting in OregonWhite Water Rafting in Oregon provide spectacular rivers and are an outdoor treasure waiting to be discovered by experts and people new to whitewater rafting . Everyone should find a way to make your Oregon white water rafting dreams come true this season. The scenery is beautiful, the rivers challenging and the air is fresh.

There are whitewater rafting trips in Oregon for every range of interest and every level of ability. There are half-day thrillers to five-day adventures through the heart of wild Oregon. Camp out under the stars and enjoy the wilderness, or take one of the more challenging rapids with lots of high waves and deep troughs.

White Water Rafting in Oregon

The Umpqua, north of Crater Lake, is a fast flowing whitewater rafting gem from the Cascades and is a whitewater dream. In addition to exceptional Class III and IV whitewater, it is also one of the most beautiful rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Its continuous pool and drop rapids keep constant action rolling. The Umpqua has more rapids per mile than any other Oregon river. This river truly deserves the Wild and Scenic protection it acquired. Volcanic columns tower over the canyon, the river is breathtaking in both beauty and excitement.

The McKenzie, with its crystal clear water banked by lush forests, is ideal both for an introduction to river running, or an exhilarating trip for the experienced. Consider this trip if you are a first time rafter and want to try out rafting, without being over the top with waves.

Grande Ronde River

The Grande Ronde River is one of Oregon’s treasures waiting to be discovered. Cutting its way through the ancient lava flows of northeast Oregon, this swift river winds through steep canyon lands of 2,400 feet elevation. It runs past impressive basalt formations before joining the Columbia. Forests of fir, mixed conifer, and ponderosa pine provide habitat for an amazing array of bird and wildlife along the way. Sightings of Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, and bighorn sheep await the lucky rafter.

Oregon’s most dramatic whitewater river cuts an isolated course through the sagebrush tablelands in southeast Oregon. This remote high desert wilderness is the setting for an unforgettable four or five day trip. A National Wild and Scenic River since 1984, the Owyhee offers scenery reminiscent of Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah. If you have been to either of these parks, you will know that you are in for a treat for sites that you have never seen and can only imagine.

John Day

The John Day takes you into one of Oregon’s finest river canyons. It is a charming and exciting river with incredible scenery and unspoiled beauty. Its 280 miles is the longest undammed river in the Pacific Northwest, and is federally protected as a Wild and Scenic River. The basalt formations and bluffs are truly impressive, cliffs and palisades tower more than 3,000 feet high above the river. Truly impressive and something to behold.

Exhilarating whitewater, spectacular rocky mountain vistas, and sunny warm desert canyons combine to make the Deschutes the best known river in Oregon. The Deschutes offers hot sun tanning days and cool swimming under clear blue skies. This section is a designated Wild and Scenic River offering exciting Class III and IV rapids including Oak Springs, Elevator, Buckskin Mary, and Boxcar.

With so many rapids to choose from it is difficult to know were to start. If you are a first time rafter, start with the lower class of rapids, perhaps a half day trip to get used to it. Then move up to a full day trip and perhaps a higher rated set of rapids to increase the challenge. Remember that most trips will include at least one higher rated set of rapids. So be sure to discuss this with your rafting company to ensure that you fully understand what you are getting into.

No Turning Back

Once you are in the raft and heading down the river there is no turning back. In fact as you enter the rapids you may not even realize just how challenging they are. You are actually in the middle of some giant wave and getting soaked. Your raft bends and buckles with the water. Hang on, because in many cases that is all you can do and hope your guide knows what he is doing.

This is one of the most exciting things you will do in your lifetime, so make sure that someone you know comes with you. The memories are wonderful, but they get even better if you share them with someone. You can talk about your river trips for years to come. River rafting with someone you know is actually the most important part of the entire trip!

If you have comments about your trips or some of the Oregon rivers that you have been on , feel free to leave your comments as well.

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