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White Water Rafting for all Levels

White Water Rafting for all LevelsWhite water companies all over America offer White Water Rafting for all Levels – from beginners to experts – top quality half to multi-day whitewater rafting trips on the most popular rivers in North America and South America. Go with companies that have at least 15 years of professional guiding experience, and have a safely record that they proudly advertise. Check out their record before going on any trip. You can verify the level of experience and their safety record to make your own decision regarding whether you want to use one company or another.

White Water Rafting for all Levels

Plan Your Trip

If you are planning a trip that is a class 3 or 4 rapids, then you will want to seriously verify that the whitewater rafting company has the credentials to offer a safe environment for the rafters and have taken all of the precautions they can to ensure your safety. What is the experience level of the guides? How many times have they gone down the river and on these particular rapids? How many times have they had to bail out of the rafts to rescue someone? Has anyone had any serious injuries? What equipment do they have and in what condition is it.

If you are planning a class 3 or 4 rapid adventure, then you have already gone on several trips and know what questions to ask and what the answers should be. The bottom line is if you are uncomfortable about a specific river or rafting company then go to another. After all it is your life you are dealing with and you looking for a fun trip!

Match your Rafting Trip to Capabilities

There are lots of other trips that less experienced people can go on and have a great time. We will review a few of these trip types to help you decide on what is right for you. Most rafting companies over the Americas offer all types of trips and you will need to check with them for schedules as well as fee’s etc. Not all white water trips are the same, so always ask lots of questions and make sure you fully understand what you are getting into before you sign up. Often the best approach to follow is to ask someone who has recently gone on a trip you are considering. Word of mouth and a report from a fellow traveler can be sometimes much better than a sales pitch you get from a rafting company that is trying to sell a ticket.

Where do you want to go rafting?

If you are lucky enough to live in an area were white water rafting is offered then start with a local company. It is much easier to obtain comments from other customers and you do not need to make extensive travel arrangements. If there are no white water rafting trips offered near you, do some research online and then build your trip into a mini vacation that you and the family or friends can go on.

There are whitewater adventure tours offered in most mountainous states, provinces and in various countries in both North and South America. Always go with a reputable company!

First time white water rafting?

If this is a first time for rafting you probably want to consider a class 2 white water rapids. Some companies may try to sell you a class 3 trip and you will probably be ok on one of these trips, however if you’re the timid type definitely stay with a class 2 trip. The rapids are less challenging and the probability of being thrown out of the raft is much less. You may not get the excitement you are looking for, but that is ok for a first time. Sit back and enjoy the scenery and learn.

For those athletic types who want to try the most challenging rapids, you need to gain experience before trying anything really difficult. Don’t let ego and excitement get in the way of safety. Build up your experience and then take on the more challenging rapids. This is definitely true for class 4 rapids were you need to be able to show experience, you need to be able to swim and you need to be able to show that you are fit.

Family Rafting

Family rafting trips can be the most fun of all. There is nothing better than having the kids and even the grandparents on a white water trip. Of course you will stick to class 1 or 2 rapids. You will learn to paddle and there will be time to enjoy the scenery along the trip. These white water trips are designed with the family in mind.

For Groups: Whitewater Rafting Trips

Most white water rafting companies will offer group rates for those people who can get a large group together either from the office or from your local community.  Check with your local company for rates and stick with a class 1 or 2 rapids since you may have a collection of experienced and 1st timers on the trip.

For White Water Aficionados

There are a group of people who have set the challenge for themselves. They want to try all of the most challenging rapids across the country. Most companies offer class 4 white water rapids trips. You will need to satisfy them that you have the experience as well that you are fit enough to go on the trip. They may ask you to demonstrate that you can swim out of a set of rapids. That you have the stamina to deal with any emergency that might come up. Remember they are guides and are trained to navigate these waters. But at the same time they do not want to put themselves into needless jeopardy. By taking someone along who cannot look after themselves in the first few minutes when a raft over turns.

There are trips for everyone at all levels of experience and also fitness. Make sure you select a white water rafting trip that matches your skill level, your stamina level and also the level of challenge you wish to endure. No need to waste a trip on something that literally scares you out of your wits. This is supposed to be challenging and fun!

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