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White Water Canyon – Palm Springs

This a short post to alert hikers to a great place to hike in the Palm Springs area. There are many places to hike, however this is one of my favorites so far to spend a little time. We have gone out to this location White Water Canyon Palm Springs several times over the past years and always enjoy the time spent there.

The best time to go is early in the day, when it is still cool. You do not need to worry about the heat too much. Always make sure you take lots of water with you to avoid any dehydration issues.  Always bring a hat and sun tan lotion. If you plan to go on a serious hike, tell someone were you are going and hike with a partner. Also if you go early in the morning there is a good chance that you will spot a couple of big horn mountain sheep on the surrounding mountains. Twice now we have just missed then after we arrived at 10 in the morning. Get there early if you want to see them live on the mountains.

Hiking in White Water Canyon Palm Springs

We know that everyone is looking for a variety of things to do. Hiking may not be what everyone is looking for. Perhaps you just want to get away from the heat in Palm Springs. Or just want to have a family picnic around under the tree’s. There is lots to do for the day so here is a quick list of the advantages of this particular location in no particular order:

  • Well groomed trails which are repaired any time there is a flood
  • Several trails to choose from that vary from easy to medium in difficulty
  • Maps available for hikers
  • Links with Pacific Coast trail
  • Camping sites available although there is a limited number and it is encouraged that campers reserve ahead of time
  • Picnic tables at the main site were all of the trails begin
  • Volunteers available to provide information and assistance to hikers
  • Trout ponds for the kids to go fishing – catch and release; 3 ponds stocked with fish
  • Occasional sightings of big horn sheep on the surrounding mountains

Take a few minutes and speak with one of the volunteers in the main cabin and you will learn lots of things about the area. Most are serious hikers and can provide lots of information that will be of use to you. On the day we went to the Whitewater canyon area, the volunteer told us about how everything got started and how it ended up as a park for people to hike in with rainbow trout that you can catch in the desert!

Fishing At White Water Canyon Palm Springs

If you decide to try fishing, remember that it is catch and throw back and you must use barb less hooks to protect the fish from being damaged. Also fishing is for the kids and there will be someone around to assist them with how to fish, how to cast and pulling the fish in, if needed. This is a really great place to spend a few hours and get away from the desert, although it is all around you.

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