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Weight Watchers and Alcohol

Weight WatchersA dieting web site would not be complete with out having a post on Weight Watchers. We do not claim to be experts about weight watchers, nor do we offer any advice about this form of dieting, however it does work for many people and if it works why not try it. With weight watchers discipline seems to the the key to success.

Our reason for writing about Weight Watchers on this post is based on a conversation I had with a friend who has joined weight watchers and to date has lost 12 pounds. He has not changed his exercise routine, has a regular job behind a desk, yet he has managed to lose 12 ponds and wants to lose another 5 pounds to get to what he considers to be his optimum weight.

He mentioned that he follows the plan and counts his points everyday to make sure that he does nto exceed his daily allowance of food intake. Vegetables are free points, while many of the meats and starchy foods are from one to several points per serving. He is allowed 13 points per day and 35 points extra for the week. If he can stay at this level of points each day, he will lose weight and reach his goal.

Weight Watchers – Alcohol

We were at a party having a martini and I commented that his drink was probably around 9 points in that one drink. His look was of astonishment. He could not believe that there were so many points in one drink. My rational for this number of points was as follows.

He had mentioned that a regular beer ( Canadian) was 3 points. There were 3 ounces of liquor in his martini and so we figured that one ounce of liquor is equal to a beer, hence 3 points per ounce time 3 ounces is 9 points. He was almost at his daily limit with one drink!

He finished the drink and then switched to beer, taking full advantage of his 35 weekly points that he is allowed to go over each week. This guy can also pack away the beer and in the past at our parties would easily drink 10 beers in an evening. Note: that his wife always drives home, so there is never a drink and drive issue for my friend.

This was the really interesting part. After his martini, he limited himself to 4 beers to stay within the 35 point limit extra for the week. This is when I really realized that he was committed to losing weight, because this man really loves his beer!

Weight Watchers and Alcohol

I do not know what weight watchers opinion is regarding alcohol, other than you probably should limit the amount of beer and liquor you drink to avoid gaining weight from your drinking.

If anyone knows or has comments feel free to weigh in and provide your comments. We welcome anyone’s comments that are valid and real. Comments that are of a spam variety, will be deleted.

Alcohol has lots of sugar in it and the body will convert it to fat quickly. Counting the number of beers or hard liquor you take in is a great way to manage your weight loss. Or avoid gaining more weight. Weight watchers will I am sure, want you to limit the amount you drink for health and weight issues. However there are lots of other reasons to manage the amount you drink every week as well.

Aside from issues of drinking and driving, gaining weight, you can actually also damage your liver. Also other parts of your body if you drink too much as well. If you fall into this category, you really need to deal with your drinking level first. Then start managing  your weight loss as well, whether it is through weight watchers of some other diet plan.

My friend is committed although he does fall of the wagon from time to time. He is committed to losing weight and avoiding other health issues that over weight conditions can cause.

Bottom line

You need to make your own decision and commitment to lose weight. Weight watchers is only a tool that you can use to help you lose weight and manage your weight in a structured somewhat scientific method.

We hope that you can make the decision and follow the plan. After all it is not free. It does cost money to join which is part of being committed to losing weight. Think of it this way. The money you save on reduced food intake as well as reduced alcohol consumption will easily pay for your Weight Watchers member ship.

Good luck and we hope you found this post interesting. As we said comments are very welcome. As long as they contribute to the general theme of this post and are positive and helpful comments. Anything else will be deleted. Thanks to Weight Watchers for helping my friend lose weight. We hope that he continues to be successful in losing weight!

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  1. I never realized there are so many calories in alcohol! Thanks weight watchers’ keep up the good work!

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