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Vacations to Puerto Vallarta

Vacations to Puerto VallartaThis picture of one of the bays near Puerto Vallarta is just absolutely beautiful. This is a great place to consider for Vacations to Puerto Vallarta. This picture really represents the idyllic life that makes up a vacation in this area of Mexico.  We spent two months in this area of Mexico and thoroughly enjoyed the entire time. It is a different culture. Their processes and ways of doing things are different from what you might be used to. But you have to remember that you are in a different country. We enjoy getting to know different cultures and traveling so this time was well spent.

Explore Puerto Vallarta – Vacations to Puerto Vallarta

We got out every day and traveled to a different part of the area around an in the city of Puerto Vallarta. We explored old town Puerto Vallarta, we walked along the malecon every day, we stopped at many of the bars on the beach and enjoyed the sun and a cold beer. The malecon is a walkway that goes along the beach almost all the way along in old town Puerto Vallarta. It is a very nice way to spend your day or just a few hours.

There are small bays all along the coast with small towns and places for tourists to spend their time. We found many were very quaint with lots of little restaurant and bars to spend your time at. We love to explore and that is one of the reasons we went to many of these beaches.

Modern City

They also have many of the modern conveniences that many North Americans have come to expect. Good grocery stores, lots of places to purchase clothing and jewelry and there is even a Costco to shop at. We were able to find great food deals and cheap booze at the Costco.  One of the foods that we really liked where barbecued chickens with jalapeño’s and small potatoes. The flavor was fantastic and these chickens were always well done and still moist.

If you have a chance to go to Puerto Vallarta, make sure that you take the time to ride the buses and go exploring. You will experience much more than just staying around your hotel’s pool!

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