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Unusual Signs of Dehydration

Unusual Signs of DehydrationConsumers who exercise in hot weather need to manage their hydration levels carefully. They risk facing some of the following unusual signs of dehydration. Initially, you may experience irritability, headaches, and dizziness. This is the time to react, drink fluids that help your body to recover. Drinking fluids rich in electrolytes such as potassium may also be needed. Management of your hydration levels will also help you reach the weight loss objectives. The first few pounds you lose are usually water.

Unusual Signs of Dehydration

Bad Breath – when your mouth becomes dry, you have already lost a great deal of fluid. The disappearance of saliva means that the bacteria in your mouth have a chance to grow to create a bad breath.

Dry Skin – as shown in the picture is an example of more severe dehydration. Your body is moving blood to the organs leaving your skin dry and dehydrated.

Muscle Cramps – muscles overheat due to working out and the general heat conditions surrounding you. Some people will experience cramps in the legs and arms in this situation. Time to cool down.

Fever and Chills – is the result of severe dehydration. You need to get help immediately or risk being sick to your stomach, possibly fainting and worse.

Food Cravings – on particular lots of carbs. This is your body telling you that it is dehydrated and thinks that it is hungry. The net result is you are ravenous and you need to eat immediately.

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek help immediately. Drink plenty of fluids, get to an area where you can cool down and use cold compresses. Severe dehydration may require a visit to the hospital to receive treatment. For more weight loss ideas,click here.


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