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Troops Coming Home

Troops Coming HomeJust read a post or actually a tweet,  from President Obama telling us that the troops are coming home from Iraq by the end of the year. Apparently they could not reach a deal with the government, but this is still a win win for everyone. Troops coming home is really great news for many families.

The troops are coming home and Iraq will get to define its own culture. Let’s hope that they can work to develop a moderate society that welcomes all people’s from all over the world and not one that is closed to other nationalities. Let’s hope they recognize the rights of men and women equally and not continue to suppress women they way they have.

Troops Coming Home

It is a good day for the Americans too. They get to bring all of their troops home,  they get to begin to cut costs that the war was costing and they probably enhance their image as well.  Now if they could only get out of Afghanistan,  wouldn’t it be a great thing. Unfortunately in the writer’s opinion the country is just not as mature as Iraq is and will have to work harder before the Americans leave.

Many people want the Americans out of Afghanistan too and I am sure the populace in that country desperately want to be rid of all occupying forces. Before the Americans it was the Russians and who knows who else before that. An entire generation has grown up with some other country always being there to tell them what to do.

If anyone will be able to withdraw it will be President Obama, but it is just too soon yet. They are making great strides by getting out of Iraq.

The people who I really feel sorry for now are the soldiers coming back. They will probably be discharge from the forces and will then start looking for jobs. There are not a lot of jobs available right now and many of them will end up unemployed. We need to call on all Americans to support the troops and help them integrate back into society. The best way to do that is to give them a job and keep them employed.

They gave a part of their life and time away from their families. Now it is time for us who get to stay at home to do out part. Let’s help them find work!

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