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The Shed – Mississippi Barbecue

The Shed - Mississippi Barbecue The Shed – Mississippi Barbecue is a barbecue restaurant, located on Highway 57 just outside of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This is one of the best barbecue restaurants we have ever been to. We enjoyed lunch and enjoyed a two meat combo with ribs and pulled pork. It was the best tasting meal we have ever had.

Decorated with an eclectic mix of antiques and pieces obtained from various garage sales, a tin roof and barn board walls with a gravel floor this is a really different restaurant than what you might normally go to.

The Shed – Mississippi Barbecue – Entertainment

They play blues music over the loudspeaker’s during the day and have live music in the evenings. We were there for lunch on a cool day and it was relatively quiet. We spoke to the cook who assured us that this is a lively place in the evenings.

There’s a local bayou right behind the shed where you can take boat rides and enjoy the scenery of rural Mississippi. We also spoke to two regulars, who come to the shed every chance they can. They think that the food is absolutely fantastic and should be enjoyed by everyone.

This is not a place that you would drive past and say hey I think I should go there. It is just not one of those places. But we can confirm that it as the best barbecue ribs we have ever had.

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