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The Ontario Provincial Elections

We are so afraid that the liberals will once again be voted back into power in the next Ontario Provincial Elections. They have been in power for many years now. The premier of Ontario has lied to us so many times that we take it for granted. We are not even surprised anymore. When he tells us that even though he was not going to raise taxes, he now will add more of a tax burden on to us.

Many people are voting with there feet and even though they may vote the liberals back into power, many are spending their money in the US were goods are much cheaper to start with and the tax is also much lower. They do not have an HST tax at 13%, not eve close. But I am getting off track here and need to focus on why we need a conservative government in place.

Ontario Provincial Elections

Promises  and more Promises, Can we Trust the Liberals?

It has already started with numerous promises of more spending to improve our schools, our health care even run the go trains all day long in Toronto.  All of these things cost a lot of money and somebody needs to pay for them. There is no one else but the Ontario voter to pay for this. If you are naive enough to think that corporations will pay for all of these increased costs, then you are in for a big surprise. One of two things will happen:

  • Prices for goods will go up, they have to pay for this somehow
  • They will move out of the province to somewhere that is cheaper

The consumer loses in both cases so please do not get lulled by statements that taxes will not increase or that corporations will pay a larger share of the tax burden. It comes down to you and I paying for things.

Will the Less Fortunate Vote Liberal?

Probably, what have they got to lose?  Well actually a lot. If there are fewer jobs available in the province, then there will be fewer people working making it impossible to climb out of that economic pit that many people are in. Most of us want to get paid for a good days work and we want to work. We do not want unemployment and we do not want to be on welfare.

Please take all of these factors into account when it comes time to vote in the next provincial election! Well we voted the liberals in and we are still paying for it. Comments are welcome.

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