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The Biggest Loser and You

Biggest LoserBoth my wife and I are fans of the biggest loser. We watch this show religiously and even look forward to the night it is on. Maybe we cannot believe that some people can get so big. Or maybe we cannot believe what they look like when they lose all of the weight. Maybe we cannot imaging Bob or Jillian yelling at us the way they do to motivate some of these peopleĀ  into working out.

Whatever it is , we find it entertaining and motivating at the same time. We sit there and watch the show and we are really rooting for these people to lose weight and not get booted off the show. Sure there are some that are gaming the show and those we do not like and besides they are just fooling themselves.

The biggest loser is a reality show and it is watched by millions of people every week. The biggest loser is also an intensely personal journey by up to 20 people who have to bear everything to get on the show and to lose weight. There is no privacy left. These people are prepared to show the world what they look like with all of the weight they have gained and also to talk about their fears and their issues that helped to get them were they are. I think the audience is silently cheering for all of these people to be successful and get their lives back.

Could You Take the Heat and be the Biggest Loser

My wife and I watch the show and wonder if we could take the heat so to speak of Bob or Jillian getting on our case. Especially making us go that extra mile. Let’s face it , it is pretty intense with one of the coaches screaming in their faces. The contestants giving it their all, up to the point were they get physically sick. Could you do that? I am not sure I could, yet these people are motivated beyond belief. Some of them losing up to half of their body weight.

Of course the program shows the most intense episodes with the trainers yelling at them and making them work very hard. This is made for TV situations to make it more exciting and also at the same time make us really feel for these people. What we do not see is all of the hours of training that they actually go through. Every once and a while one of the contestants will let slip a remark that they worked out 11 or 12 hours per day in order to lose the huge weight numbers they achieve each week. No one wants to go home so they put the extra effort in to meet their goals and stay at the biggest loser ranch.

Is It Healthy

The contestants are closely monitored by medical staff. We noticed that when someone does faint or is having difficulty, the medical team is not far away. After all these people are putting an incredible strain on their hearts and someone had better monitor them. So far no one has been seriously hurt on the biggest loser and we hope it does not happen.

What is good is that they not only exercise. They are also taught about the calories they eat. What they need each day and how to maintain an energy deficit. Jillian Michaels made a statement on HLN that fundamentally you need to create an energy deficit. Especially if you are going to lose weight. You can exercise all you want and you will get stronger . But if you do not also manage your caloric intake, you will not always lose weight.

On the biggest loser, they teach them about good diets and eating properly. They give them hints about eating out and how to avoid the high calorie foods. They also work with the contestants to help them overcome their private issues that may have contributed to their weight gain. Let’s face it the biggest loser has a good thing going. It is helping many families lose weight across the US and Canada and maybe around the world.

How to Become the Biggest Loser at Home

With out all of the support, the medical team, a bad ass trainer like Jillian on your case and the time to train like they do while at camp. How does someone become their own biggest loser at home? Everyone is different and has their own problems. However there are a few things we have noticed from watching the biggest loser that we all need to focus on.

  • Decide that you really want to lose weight
  • Decide that you are going to commit to making it happen
  • Surround yourself with like minded people and supportive people
  • Get to the Gym
  • Get checked out by a doctor
  • Manage your caloric intake
  • Create an energy deficit
  • Stick with the program, don’t give up even if you get discouraged

In Summary

The above eight steps are pretty tough and the most difficult of the eight are the first two. You need to decide for yourself and make the commitment to yourself that you are going to lose weight. No one else is going to be able to do it for you and they certainly cannot talk you into it. This is a big commitment and you have to be ready to make that commitment and become your own biggest loser.

Find a buddy to work out with and also to help with diet planning. It is so much easier when you have someone who can work with you and motivate each other. When you are down and having a bad day that is when your buddy needs to step in and push you back on track.

There will be bad days. Let’s face it on the biggest loser they have them all of the time. The second week weigh in is notorious for low weight loss and even in some cases weight gain. This is when a supporting team mate can help you out to keep you going.

We would love to hear your comments on the biggest loser and other diet and weight loss ideas.


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