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The ABC’s of World Politics

I recently saw a post about the world in chaos and I just had to express my opinion about this concept. It seems that the author feels that the world, every continent and major countries are in chaos at the moment. Hence the post – The ABC’s of World Politics. It can be represented by four letters – A,B,C and D!

  • A is for anger
  • B is for borrowing
  • C is for competitiveness
  • D is for deadlock

And I think that this guy who wrote the original post had some real insights here that are worth thinking about. Knowing this information will not solve the problem, but they will help you to understand the big picture of what is going on in the world.  I would add:

  • E is for eager
  • F is for frustration

Let’s talk about each one and explain what they mean to the original writer and to me another writer who puts his own spin on this topic.

The ABC’s of World Politics

A is for anger :

All over the world, grass roots activities are taking place and many people are angry. From the wall street occupiers to the riots in the Arab world, people are fed up and willing to do something about it .The issues that these people are fighting against are corruption, stealing money, stealing votes and the total unfairness of life in the developing world. Even in democracies there is wide spread anger. The problem is that most people are afraid to upset the apple cart, because life is not that bad yet unless you are in the Arab world or in Russia.

B is for borrowing :

First it was the US and now it is the European Union. Will it be China next or perhaps India. We have all borrowed way beyond our means at all levels from our personal accounts to  government and even some corporations.  We cannot continue living beyond our means and this is going to continue to trouble the world for as much as a decade at least.  Austerity must be the new buzz word if we are to survive the new economic environment!

C is for competitiveness :

North America is no longer as competitive as other countries , particularly Asia. I just read an article about Apple and why they will design the iPhone in America and manufacture it in Asia. The article was being polite, but what they said was simple. Americans are just not hungry enough, not competitive enough and not willing to work hard enough to get the business. We are so far behind that we actually think we are ahead because of our superiority. It could not be further from the truth. Meanwhile we lose thousands of jobs that will never come back

D is for deadlock :

Governments are slow to react to these problems. We saw that situation in the US during the mortgage crisis and again in the debt crisis when congress waited until the final hour to approve a new debt limit. Europe is going through the throws of the same thing and taking forever to resolve the situation. The stock markets react accordingly and downgrade economies and corporations alike. Next is China who is beginning to feel the crisis. Will they react quickly or not?

We added these two additional categories since we felt that they were important as well:

E is for eager :

At the grass roots level, many people are eager for change as long as it improves their lot in life. Some are willing to risk everything, while others want to protect the status quo. Eager might be reclassified as desperate in many cases as well. When you have lost a job you are eager to find the next one regardless of what it is and that is the position that many people around the world find themselves in at this time. They are eager for work, they are eager for change, but they may not get either one because of C and D above which leads to F in developed countries and A in developing countries.!

F is for frustration :

Many people in developing countries have nothing to lose so their frustration with the world is expressed in angry riots. In developed countries we have a lot to lose, we want to protect what we have and so there is a great deal of frustration that is evident as we see our quality of life slipping away. When pushed far enough, this frustration will turn into anger as well and then there will be real trouble in America, because at this time, it is still seen as the engine of the economy around the world although it is only operating on 5 cylinders instead of the full 8!

Were will it end, only time will tell.  Your opinions are welcome and we will even give you a back link if you make a constructive comment that will be valuable to our readers. For more ideas about future trends, click here.


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