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Terrorists Continue Bombing in Belfast

Belfast IrelandTerrorists Continue Bombing in Belfast – This entire series of posts about bombing in Belfast started because of a chance conversation with a friend of mind. He had mentioned what it was like to try and raise a family in Belfast back in the 60’s and 70’s. My friend talked about why he left the country with his family for a new country. He was  looking for a new job at the same time.

There are several posts about his experiences during that time frame both about work as well as private life. We then starting looking at the news from Belfast. We were surprised to see that there is still a lot of incidents going on were there are riots, there are bombs placed etc. Some of these bombs explode causing a great deal of damage. While others are detected and dismantled before they have an opportunity to do any damage.

This came as a total surprise to the writer who was under the impression that the violence had all but disappeared after the good Friday accord in 1998!  Certainly all of the politicians at the time took credit for this accord ushering a new life into the region free of violence and bloodshed. Obviously this did not happen. There is still a number of individuals who are bent on causing violence, and destruction of property and life as well in Belfast. Another friend of ours emigrated from Belfast. They decided to not have any children because she did not want to bring them into such a violent world. More on what is going on today.

Bombing of the Palace Barracks in Holywood

Back in April 2010, there was a bombing just outside of Britain’s M15 Security service. There were only minor injuries, thankfully.  An Irish splinter group took responsibility for planting a bomb in an abandoned taxi. It exploded just outside the Palace Barracks in Hollywood just 6 miles east of Belfast. This bombing was apparently tied to the deadline for the transfer of police and justice powers from the British government to the power sharing government which has been in existence for the past 3 years.

Another Bomb found in Belfast City Center

A bomb was found in Oct 2011 in the city center area of Belfast. It was left on a Friday night near a busy business and residential area. Fortunately the bomb was found before it went off. Police bomb disposal units set the bomb off in a controlled explosion. Local politicians condemned the attempted bombing.

Riots in Belfast

Riots took place in Belfast in June of 2011 and one photographer was shot in the leg. Petrol  bombs, fireworks, bottles , bricks were thrown at the police in the second night of rioting. Dissident Irish republicans were apparently at the center of this riot and have been responsible for several other incidents in the area. A policeman was also killed in April by a car bombing just outside of his home. According to reports there have been pitched battles on several streets with no sign that it will stop anytime soon.

Politicians condemn the Violence

Even though the politicians are against all of this violence and have worked hard to gain peace, there seem to be small splinter groups who just will not give up the fight and continue to make life miserable for everyone.

After reading some of these reports and these were just a few that we summarized, I can see why families want to leave Belfast for a better life elsewhere. there is just too much violence and who wants to see their son or daughter or spouse killed in this ridiculous decades long fight. What will they achieve other than to cause misery and economic welfare for many in the region.

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  1. this somehow has to stop. Why would you go to belfast when someone could blow you up because you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time

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