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Starbucks Cathedral City

Starbucks Cathedral CityThis is the view I have sitting at the Starbucks Cathedral City location in the mornings! Mountains , palm trees, warm comfortable temperatures and a good cup of coffee. What more could you want? The sky is a deep blue color with no humidity and no dust in the air. The birds are singing and I just spent an hour riding my mountain bike to get to this location to sit down and enjoy my coffee and also a bagel! For your information, this particular Starbucks is located along highway 111 that runs the length of the Coachella valley through all of the valley cities including Palm Springs.

Starbucks Cathedral City – AGM Tour

This is the same route that the recent AGM Tour of California took on its way to Palm Springs and the Tram road. Fortunately for me the temperatures are in the low 60’s at the moment which is ideal for riding your bike. For the tour, they had to deal with 108F and riding up the Tram road for the last 2 miles is a killer with the heat and the elevation rise of over 2000 feet. However I am digressing.

This particular Starbucks faces east at the front of the store and west at the back of the store, so you always have a choice between sitting in the sun or shade depending on the time of day. At the back of the store which faces 111, they have a few tables, umbrellas and a comfortable area to enjoy your coffee. Same with the front area of the store, however it is slightly smaller and faces the parking lot.


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