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Splitting Restaurant Meals

Splitting Restaurant MealsWhen you go on vacation, you already know you are going to spend a lot of money and you may as well be resigned to this fact. After all you have a limited amount of time and you want to make the most of it. What if you are going on a 2 or 3 or 4 month vacation? Staying in hotels and eating in restaurants and the bills can really add up in a hurry. There are countless ways to manage your costs and one of those ways is to split restaurant meals.

Benefits of Splitting Restaurant Meals

There are multiple reasons for splitting restaurant meals and all of them have a significant benefit to you the consumer. Obviously you save money when you split a meal since the cost is now split between two people. Many restaurants do not mind at all especially if you are ordering a drink with your meal. For many restaurants this is where the profit is anyway.

Another benefit is that you are reducing the calories that you are eating. You might nor order the best food in terms of diet etc, however at least by splitting the meal you are actually eating a lot less than you would other wise.

One of the big benefits for long term travelers is that if you reduce your costs for meals by an average of $10 a day which is actually low considering that you can split lunch and dinner, you can save over $12oo on a 4 month trip, which is money you can use for other activities. Fantastic!

American Meals are Large

We have traveled in Canada and the US. We found that meals are generally larger in the US with portion sizes that are far more than many people should eat and sometimes can eat. We were at a Texas Roadhouse one evening and my wife ordered pork chops with mashed potatoes. The meal came with two large thick pork chops and a load of mashed potatoes. There was no way that she could have finished the meal herself and fortunately we were splitting the meal. At the end of it we were both full and glad we did not order a separate meal for each other!

Meals in Canada

Meals in Canada generally are smaller and they seem to be more expensive. We try to avoid eating out in Canada if we can since the value and the cost is just not there for us.

In addition the service level is really bad. It is almost as if the waiter cannot stand to be doing his or her job and they are not the least bit interested in providing good service. They still want their tip and if you tip according to the service level they gave, they get upset. You cannot win and so we do not eat out while in Canada if we can avoid it.

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