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Ruby’s Diner Palm Springs

Ruby's Diner Palm SpringsWe always enjoy going to Ruby’s Diner Palm Springs. This is an old fashion diner with the chrome tables and red leather seats that you used to see back in the ’50s. They even have a small model train, actually, two of them running on separate tracks suspended from the ceiling.

Breakfast is a bottomless cup of coffee and there are many fantastic breakfast meals available. In fact, the meals are often so large that my wife and I will split a meal. I sometimes will order some side dishes to go along with the main meal, but rest assured there is ample food on one plate for two people on most meals.

Ruby’s Diner Palm Springs

We get to save money and we get to manage our waistlines as well by splitting a meal. We talk to a lot of couples throughout our travels and find that many people are doing just that. Ordering one meal and splitting it because of the amount of food they serve. The restaurants do not seem to mind. They are happy to get your business and even will bring an extra plate, sometimes with the meal already split for you. Ruby’s Diner is one of those and if you receive great service like that, make sure you leave a decent tip for the waiter. He or she was thoughtful enough to split it for you so it makes sense to tip them properly.

The Food at Ruby’s Diner Palm Springs

The food they serve is classed as American fast food, with hamburgers,  and many other menu items. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late takeout. We love going there for breakfast and they have a huge menu. Traditional eggs any way you want them, pancakes,  fruit meals, cereal, toast, and bagels. There are lots to chose from and they also provide various combinations of the above. If you cannot find something good to eat at Ruby’s we would be very surprised.

What do Other People Think about Ruby’s Diner

We are obviously very satisfied with Ruby’s, but we were wondering what other people seemed to think about Ruby’s so check on some of the various agencies that provide review ratings and also on Ruby’s site as well. What we found was no surprise. The majority of people going to Ruby’s had great things to say about the food, the service, and the overall experience. We saw a couple of comments from people who received poor service. This is to be expected from time to time. But when over 90% of your ratings are excellent or very good, we can see that they are obviously doing something right.

It Can be Hot in Palm Springs

The sun hits the outside area of Ruby’s Diner in the mornings, so it can get a little hot unless you sit under an umbrella or around the side where you are in the shade. Most mornings in Palm Springs are more than comfortable enough to sit outside and enjoy the scenery. Occasionally it will be cool enough that you need to move inside in the winter months.

When the summer months arrive, actually even in April, sometimes the temperatures require misters to be started. The Picture above shows the misters running on both patios to keep you cool. If you have never experienced this, you should know that it really makes a difference and will keep you cool in the hot temperature weather.

The location of Ruby’s is Perfect

Ruby’s Diner is located at 155 S Palm Canyon Dr, in Palm Spring, California. They are right in the middle of the main street of Palm Springs with ample free parking in the back. You can sit on one of their patios, have dinner and also watch the people strolling by along the sidewalk. On Thursdays, there is the Palm Springs street fair and this is an excellent location to watch the thousands of people strolling along looking at the many vendor’s products available in their booths.

We are great fans of Palm Springs and think that it is one of the best places to spend the winter. There are many snowbirds who spend their winters there from January through to the end of April. The busiest times are February and March. After March 31, it gets warmer and there are fewer people around.

We particularly like the April time period. There are fewer crowds and line ups, less traffic and it is a chance to get to mingle with some of the locals instead of the snowbirds from all over the US and Canada. Either way, breakfast or dinner at Ruby’s is a great deal, good food, inexpensive and great service. We recommend that you try it.

For more information about the Palm Springs area, click here.


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