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Rafting the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers

Rafting the ShenandoahThe final stretches of the Shenandoah River tumbles into the Potomac, carving a spectacular 6.5-mile watercourse through the Blue Ridge Mountains offering great Maryland whitewater rafting. Rafting the Shenandoah and travel on these two rivers through three states (Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia) on unforgettable 2 to 4.5 hour guided rafting whitewater trips. Rafting the Shenandoah.

During periods of low water the trip is exclusively on the Potomac, coursing through a majestic water gap, with a view Thomas Jefferson wrote was worth a voyage across the Atlantic. Both trips offer Class I-III whitewater, made up of some mellow water, permitting splashing and floating, multiple riffles and ledges, and challenging rapids such as “Bull Falls” and “White Horse.”

Experienced guides lead your trip, showing you the best route through the rapids while entertaining you with tales from the river. As you float by Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, learn about events that lead up to the Civil War.

Whitewater Rafting the North Branch and Rafting the Shenandoah

A step up from the Shenandoah / Potomac River raft trip is the Potomac’s North Branch guided tour. Spring and Fall releases from Jennings Randolph Dam near Keyser, West Virginia and Bloomington, Maryland provide for optimum levels of whitewater rafting.

This trip, only three hours from the Washington DC area, is nestled in the heart of the Potomac Highlands, making for a fantastic day, overnight, or weekend getaway. Rapids are continuous Class II-III+ , and the high water volumes and steeper gradient of the North Branch create waves and rollers up to six feet high. Sections of calm water permit cliff-jumping, relaxation, and swimming.

Wet suits are suggested due to the coldness of the water and air temperatures. These suits are provided by many rafting companies, while others will charge a nominal fee. Some companies will also offer deals if you book for more than one trip at a time or have larger groups that are booking at the same time. Inquire with the white water company you are booking with.

If you enjoy outdoor cook outs then you will also enjoy these rafting trips. Depending on the trip, your guide will prepare a wonderful outdoor meal which tastes spectacular in the fresh air after rafting down the river.

Other Things to do in the Area

For those who want to make a getaway or mini vacation of the trip…Mineral County and the surrounding Potomac Highlands provide many outdoor and indoor activities that would interest visitors of all ages.

Do you have interests in caving, photography, nature walks, hiking, country music, biking, or festivals? How about fairs, antiques, old time train rides? Or just sitting on a mountain side and marveling at the majesty of it all? If so you will have come to the right place.

There are many out doors activities that will appeal to all ages and activity levels. If some of your party really do not want to take in the white water rafting experience, they can enjoy the scenery from the shore. They can go hiking or enjoy a few cool beers in one of the local  pubs. There is lots to do in the area. Anyone who really enjoys the outdoors will enjoy a weekend or two in the Shenandoah and Potomac river areas.

Limestone Caves

The US has a lot of limestone and limestone is great for allowing running water to build caves throughout it. Caving may not be for everyone, especially if you do not like wet tight places. Most caves are wet, meaning that there is water either dripping or running in the cave. With the running water the cave is actually still being built and changing, all be it very slowly. Dry caves on the other hand are not changing and do not have water running through them. They are more pleasant to hike in, but you may not see some of the grander sites in these caves that you would see in a wet cave.

Enjoy the outdoors and everything that this area has to offer. Leave your comments to help readers appreciate this area of the US.

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