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Rafting River Salmon whitewater

Rafting River Salmon whitewaterWhitewater rafting adventure on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, a steel head fishing trip, or take a Multi-Sport Adventure trip at the Little Salmon Lodge.

Discover Excitement with Roller coaster rapids on the Main Salmon river with whitewater rafting and great rides, with thrills and excitement to get your adrenaline going! Experience the ever changing Salmon River with heart pounding white water, wild waves and deep holes. These roller coaster rapids are great rides, with thrills and excitement to get your adrenaline going. Relax in the calm water between the rapids. Catch your breath, enjoy the scenery from steep granite cliffs to grassy meadows.

Discover Treasure:Oyster Rock on the Lower Canyon of the Middle Fork. Yes gold was found on the river and perhaps you might (if you bring your pan) but there is another kind of treasure, the non-fleeting kind, the type your take with you and freely give away: memories.

Rafting River Salmon whitewater

While rafting focus on the people you brought with you, the people you just met that became your new best friends. Also your guides that worked hard to make this the best vacation ever.

Recall rock paintings left by an ancient inhabitants. Hike to abandoned mines and homesteads, the beauty of the mountains and the river valley, and the varied wildlife. Picture floating down the river waiting for that burst of excitement from the next rapid.

And the fun playing in the water, on crystal white sandy beaches and sharing stories around the campfire. The river creates these memories, treasures that will last a lifetime.

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