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Rafting Colorado

Rafting ColoradoRafting Colorado tours are some of the most exhilarating and exciting white water tours available. In the spring the snow melt cascades down the mountain streams to collect in the tributaries of the Colorado River. There are some really interesting and challenging tours available. Anyone planning to book one of these tours should do their homework. Read up on the rivers, their rating levels, the associated requirements and the planned trips offered by various tour companies.

River Ratings Change with the Season

River ratings can change depending on the season and the amount of water that is melting from the winter snows, storms in the area up-stream. Even water allowed through dams that are managing the water levels of lakes above them. If you are a novice or someone concerned about the skill level required for a particular rafting trip, call ahead to confirm. There is no sense booking a trip and then deciding not to go. Or worse not being allowed to go on the trip because you do not qualify for the river level rating.

The water can be very cold, especially in the spring with the air temperature is still cool. The spring runoff temperature is near freezing. Hypothermia can set in easily. All rafters are encouraged to wear wet suits to protect them from the extreme cold of the water. Some companies will provide wet suits as part of the package. Always bring extra clothes to change into in case everything gets wet from your trip.

Preparing For Your Rafting Trip

The rafting Colorado tour guide will provide you with a list of things to bring with you for your trip. These items will be transported to the landing point where you finish your trip to change into warm clothes. These are exciting excursions and everyone can find a rafting trip in Colorado to meet their skill levels as well as wait for warmer temperatures in the summer time.

Your guides have been down the river many times and know the dangerous points to be careful around and those that are safe. They also know how quickly the river can cause a person to have hypothermia. If your guide tells you to not go swimming in the evening or to stay out of the water, there is a really good reason why you should follow their advice.  People have died because they did not follow the directions of their river guides. They know what they are talking about and should always be listened to. In fact the guide may have you evicted from the trip rather than risk someone dieing on his watch.

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