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Posting by EmailThis was just a test to confirm posting by email was still working properly and apparently it works perfectly. Not only did the post get through from my iPhone to the blog. But the blog processed it and posted the new post with the proper category and date as well. How about that! Now I can write a post on my iPhone, send it to the proper email address. It will be added to my blog right away. This is really a cool tool to use on blogs. There is still some admin work to do afterwords, but this can be completed anytime at all.

Posting by Email – Add Tags

The only thing that needs to be done is to add tags and of course add more content. Several readers already mentioned that I would need to add content. Otherwise Google might penalize this post or even  my entire site for poor content.

The key to a good blog as far as Google is concerned is that the blog or web site  must have quality content on every post. It should also be updated on a regular basis and kept current.

If you are someone who is into SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you will of course know this and will respect that testing also must occur which is what was doing with this email by post test. At the same time you also know that you absolutely must have good content. There are probably a thousand other rules for content and blogs, but this is considered  by far the main requirement.

We will use posting by email as a means of making quick posts on some web sites that are suitable for this purpose. The next test we must do is posting by email with a picture and see how it is handled by the plugin I am using.

I would also like to try a short video as well. We added the picture on this post after the blog had processed the post and published it. So watch for this next test of SEO and posting by email if you are interested in this sort of thing.


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2 Responses to “Posting by Email”

  1. looks like posting by email is working ok, you should add some content to this post. Google will not like it if you do not.

  2. need to add content to this post. Google will not like it unless you do add content.

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