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Post 911 Security Tab – Are we being Efficient?

Over the past few days there have been more and more articles appearing about 9/11. They cover the World Trade Center plane crashes. We have watched these and in no way condone this sort of violence. We do not condone any kind of terrorist action. Having said that, something caught our attention. It was an announcement by the Canadian Government that the 911 Security Tab was $92 billion on various forms of security over the past 10 years!

Are We Spending Efficiently

This ranges from improved security at airports and border crossing points. Also enhanced CISIS and RCMP security initiatives online and many more that we do not even know about. The good news is that Canada at least  has not had any attacks since 911. We have also thwarted a couple that could have had disastrous consequences. The bad news is that the tab of this level of security is $92 billion.  This number is probably a drop in the bucket compared to other countries such as the US, Britain, France and Australia.
Our questions is whether we are spending this money efficiently? Are there initiatives that would be better implemented at a lower cost and achieve the same results. Instead of telling us how much this cost. Why not also tell us about the number of times we avoided an attack? Tell us about the savings or improvements that have been implemented in the past 10 years. Surely we have gotten better at something?

Post 911 Security Tab

Now all or many of the security people will wrap themselves around the cloak of secrecy, stating that if they made these kinds of announcements,  it would just help the terrorists and not protect Canadians. I have to agree to a certain extent. We definitely do not want any state of the art information out there. We have a hard enough time keeping up or staying ahead of these people who are bent on doing us harm .

However what the governments need is a good marketing organization who can walk the fine line between what can be release and what needs to stay private to protect the people on the front lines and also Canadians at large. Surely there is something we can talk about that shows what we got for $92 B and not just that we have avoided an attack over the past 10 years, which is a major accomplishment, however Canadians are always looking for more.

911 Security – So our message is two fold:

  • Spend our tax payer money wisely and protect us at all costs
  • Spend this money as if it were your own money and question everything to ensure we get the best value
  • Tell us what you are doing and how you are improving as much as you can within the limits of national security requirements.

Comments about this opinion are others are welcome. Keep it clean! for more security related issues, click here.

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