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Pope Benedict Resigns

Pope Benedict resigns yesterday claiming frail health physically and mentally. He apparently has said in the past that he would do this when his health was still good. He did not want to wait until he was too incapacitated to make decisions and stay in charge of all of his duties.

But like the little boy who told a lie, we are not sure of whether we should believe him or not. He might well be telling the truth, but how do we know? This is the problem with the Catholic Church. They do not have a good record of telling the truth.

Pope Benedict Resigns

They have lied to us in the past on so many things that we wonder if we should believe them now or not. Is there another reason behind his resignation or is his comment for real or not.

We initially thought that when the Pope Resigned there would be other information coming out about why he decided to resign. To our knowledge, nothing has come out in the past few years so either the church did a good job of managing the situation or his reasons for resignation were legitimate. We will never know. However, given the church’s history they will always be suspected of keeping things secret.

We are not on a witch hunt. We really do not care about why Pope Benedict Resigns. But if you have information or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so. For another post on religious issues, click here.

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