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Person of Interest is Here

Person of InterestWe watched a show last night about Person of Interest. Not the show or series that is actually  called by that name, but another one called 20:20 last night. It is a news show that does video narratives about a variety of topics. Last night they covered an interesting topic that looked at the subject of combining video surveillance with computing technology. This technology  automatically identify people for various reasons.

If you are not already aware, you are probably on camera many times a day. Particularly if you go into down town areas or you enter a store etc. All government offices and entertainment locations have surveillance with video. It is all recorded for future reference in case it is needed. We have known this for several years now. It is increasing as more and more people add video surveillance capabilities. Some people even have this technology in their cars and can match the police with video capabilities.

Person of Interest – Facial Recognition

Now the government and corporations are using this technology combined with facial recognition software to recognize and track people. Governments are working in computing capabilities that will recognize a person from a video taken of them from some location,. Identify them and then alert who ever needs to be informed. This is useful in finding people who are avoiding police. Or who have escaped or who have committed a crime.

Companies are developing their own software to do something a little more capitalistic in nature. You may you walk up to a store and are on video. The store wants to be able to confirm your sex, your age and even your preference in clothes for example. They will use this information to display advertising on monitors near were you are passing with the hopes that they will catch your attention.

Who knows where all of this will go. It certainly is interesting and we will be watching just were this new technology takes us.

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