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Palm Springs Marilynn

20130204-100543.jpgEver wanted to see Marilyn Monroe ? Well now you can in Palm Springs! Her stay in Palm Springs apparently has been extended to the end of the year for 2013. The Palm Springs council is trying to have Marilyn become a permanent resident of the city. As a result they managed to hold on to her until April of 2014. She was dismantled and shipped to New jersey to be placed on display there. She really adds a great deal to the downtown area. As a result it is one of the most photographed locations in the city. Hence Palm Springs will miss her and we hope they can return her to Palm Springs some day soon.

Palm Springs Marilynn

This image or statue of Marilyn is 26 feet high and shows her in that famous pose holding her dress in place. Thousands of tourists have their pictures taken every day with Marilyn. They only come up to her knees! Day or night she still takes a great picture. As a result both kids and adults are enjoying her stay in Palm Springs.

This one was taken at night with my iPhone 5. Which I think did a great job considering it was so dark.  She was located downtown across the street from Starbucks and beside the old mall. Which is being renovated. There is a new hotel going in and there are more shops and restaurants being added as well. All of this should be completed by the end of 2014 or early 2015. Palm Springs is attempting to revitalize the down town are and create or compete with Palm Desert. In addition they also want to compete with some of the other desert valley towns. This is really considered the ist phase of the development and should greatly improve the city. Returning Palm Springs Marilynn will also add to the cities attractions and bring many people down town to shops and restaurants.


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  1. we just saw this statue and it is really fantastic. Marilyn Munroe looks fantastic in Palm Springs

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