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This is a post by the administrator advising that this blog is now fully operational  for the Pablos Travels  to begin posting on this blog. There will be many posts of the months and years and we look forward to hearing from our readers about these places and others that they have visited.

Pablos Travels – Instructions

All plug ins are installed, including counters and formatting of the page.  All you need to do now is log in, click on posts, click on “add  new” , and begin blogging. We suggest the following checklist –

  • add title first
  • write your post
  • check your post for spelling and grammar
  • add pictures into your post if you desired
  • set the publish date on the top right hand side of this page
  • add a new category if needed or check off an existing category
  • add tag words  in the tag area. These are typically words which you feel that anyone searching for this post would enter into the search bar of a search engine to search for this post

When ready click the schedule button to post the post immediately or schedule the post on the date you have selected. Note that the post is already preformed, formatted  and meets all Google Adsense policies. This is important for publishers who are interested in making some money with their web site. Google will pay publishers who abide by the rules that are posted by Google. Publisher guidelines are very specific and if you do not meet these guidelines, Google can and will stop delivering Ads to your pages as they load.

Writers can also upload pictures as well which can be added to each page. we urge writers to place the picture in the upper left hand location of the post to avoid conflict with any Google Adsense advertising that is on the page. Google has strict polices on this issue as well as many other areas. Pictures should be tasteful and should not violate any common decency issues nor should they be used without the owners permission, unless they are in the public domain.

Revising Existing Posts

Note you can also revise an existing post that has already been posted. Make the changes and then click update. WordPress is a pretty neet and user friendly blog system to use. Many people all over the world are using this particular blog management system to manage their posts. They also earn Adsense revenue from their blogging activities. It is all managed by Google once you have an account. Publishers must obtain the Adsense code from Google. Then install this code on their web pages with out making any modifications to the code.

Why would you want to make changes. It is already formatted properly and ensures relevant ads will be delivered to your blog pages every time they load.

That’s it , your ready to begin blogging! Hope you enjoy! Learn about all sorts of subjects related to travel on this web site. for example, click here

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  1. have not seen any new posts recently on this blog. are you tired of writing or what. The posts that are here are interesting stories. Please keep it up

  2. this would be a really great site if people would post more pages on it. the ones that are here are really interesting stories. bet this guy has a lot more to tell.

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