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Pablo and Tequila in Puerto Vallarta

tequila puerto vallartaPuerto Vallarta – Tequila is synonymous with Mexico and Puerto Vallarta lives up to the reputation. Wherever you go, there seems to be tequila being served. So much so that we began to wonder if the Mexicans were trying to loosen up the gringo’s so we would spend more money.  The following are short stories about different places we drank tequila while we traveled around Puerto Vallarta. Tequila is made from the Agave plant shown in the picture to the left. If you have an opportunity to go to a Tequila factory, it is well worth the time. Be prepared you may have to drink some Tequila while taking the tour!

Puerto Vallarta – Tequila and Jewelry Stores

For example one day we followed a bunch of tourists into a jewelry store wondering what all the fuss was about. These were people who had come in on one of the pleasure cruse boats and had the day to explore. We followed them to the back of the store and sure enough we saw what all the interest was about. The store owner was pouring shots of tequila for all his patrons to sample! Loosen them up a bit and maybe they will have a story to tell about how they bought some silver jewelry while sipping tequila!

The Restaurants

The restaurants have a tradition almost, at least that is what it seems like. If you order a meal, it comes first with a shot of tequila. In fact one place we went to provided a bottle of tequila on the table which was about 1/3 full. It was free with the meal. Another offered a shot of tequila every time you ordered a beer. The shot was free, the beer cost a dollar! The food was pretty good too.

The Furniture Stores

Now I do not know if all of them do this, but one furniture store we went to one day sure does. I do not even remember the name of it, however it sells a lot of Mexican furniture and it across from the Starbucks coffee shop on the way downtown from the airport. It is a big store and we decided to go visit it after our morning coffee one day. We crossed the street and went inside after browsing some of the large pieces outside.

As I was looking around I happened to come across a shelf lined with various types of Tequila. One of the salesmen asked me if I would like to try some. He said that his grandfather makes it up in the hills in the jungle and that it was very good. It was 10 in the morning and I really did not feel like starting to drink at that time let alone something that was probably the equivalent of moon shine. I respectfully declined.

Another customer admonished me saying that he had tried it the day before and found it excellent and that there was nothing wrong with it. So at that point I really had no choice but to try a shot. Well it was some of the best tequila I had ever tried. Smooth , rich in flavor and not difficult to drink at all. I could have had another shot, but declined because after all it was only 10 am and I usually try to not drink until at least 12!

Puerto Vallarta – Tequila Factories

So drinking tequila in Mexico is the thing to do. There are many stores were you can buy brand names, however I have found that the restaurants and shops have very good tequila as well. Tequila is made from the Agave plants and I was fortunate enough to go to a tequila factory one day up in the jungles above Mismaloya.

We were given a small tour of the plant, the fermentation tanks and then we had an opportunity to try seven different tequila’s. Our guide drank right along with us and I don’t know how many tours he had given that day, but after seven shots I was feeling it and he must have been too. We all bought some tequila and then headed on our merry way. Fortunately I was not driving and the bus driver only had two shots. I counted !

The town of Tequila

I have never been to this town, however this town was named after the product or maybe the product was named after the town. It apparently is about 3 to 4 hours from Puerto Vallarta and is worth the trip although we ran out of time before we had to leave.

If you go to Puerto Vallarta, you really should take a tour to Tequila and sample some of the best tequila in Mexico.



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  1. Interesting article,well put. I have never had tequila in Puerto Vallarta.

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