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Pablo and Crocodiles on the 14th Hole

Puerto VallartaGolfers should pay attention to this post if they plan to golf at the golf course out by the marina in Pureto Vallarta, Mexico! Pureto Vallarta has long been known as a tourist destination. We have a number of friends who live there for most of the year. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is quaint with the Malecon along the ocean and the many bars that line the streets. For us it is a great place to spend the winter away from the snow and ice in Canada. But if you are golfing, there are crocs to watch for on this golf course.

North of downtown Pureto Vallarta is the marina area with upscale condo’s and homes that boasts a marina of course. Along with a shopping center and a golf course. The marina itself is packed with fishing boats available for charter. This is where the luxury liners come into dock for the day. Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be the prime days for docking of these massive ships with their thousands of passengers.

Pureto Vallarta Golf course

The golf course is slightly further north of the marina and is surrounded by beautiful homes. The golf course, while very nice is unremarkable except for two distinguishing attributes. First there is lot’s if iguana’s that spend their days sleeping in the sun and munching on the grass and flowers that ring the course. Some will grow to at least 5 or 6 feet long and can surprise you when you first see them. Some tourists will mistake them for the crocodiles that also live on this same course.

Crocodiles on the 14th Hole

Pureto Vallarta Golf CourseThis brings us to the second distinguishing attribute. On the 14th hole, there is a string of several swampy looking ponds with small islands in the middle of them. These ponds are filled with turtles, however what really gets your attention as you step up to t-off from the 14th hole is the sign that tells you to beware of the crocodiles. We walked past this area many times and did not see any crocodiles in the water or on the shore until one day we heard a big splash as we walked along the walkway that goes past this area.

Upon investigating further, sure enough there he was, at least 15 feet long. He crawled up on the beach  and laid there daring us to come closer so he could have his lunch! Apparently there are three crocodiles in this area and they live on birds and turtles I guess along with the odd human that gets too close to the pond!

This is Serious

As you read this, you probably thinking that I am kidding. As it turns out this is actually true. On the other side of the pond there is a restaurant along with several condo’s. One day we decided to have lunch in this restaurant and the windows looked out on the 14th hole and these ponds that I mentioned. We could see turtles and lots of birds in the water and along the shore. There was even a couple of iguana’s on the grass chasing each other.

We mentioned the crocodiles to the waiter and asked if he ever saw them. He told us that he saw them every couple of days and then proceeded to tell us an interesting story. It turns out that while this particular restaurant was being built, one of the workmen decided to investigate the ponds and in particular wanted to see the crocodiles. He apparently ventured close to the shore were one was sunning himself, apparently asleep.

The Crocodile Gets His Man

Now for those of you who might not know, crocodiles can move very fast. In fact for short distances they can move faster than a man or an animal. Well this sleeping crocodile suddenly lunged for this workmen, caught him and quickly dragged him into the water to drown him. He was subsequently eaten somewhere in the swampy area of the this small eco system.

Now if this is not bad enough, the authorities decided to do nothing, other than put  up a couple more signs. Their position was that the workmen knew about the crocodiles living in the area and should not have gotten so close. In fact it was his fault for tempting the crocodile and nothing at all was done!

Mexico has different standards and although these types of stories are not made public to avoid scaring away tourists, these things do happen and there is nothing you can really do about it. In Mexico, particularly in Puerto Vallarta, we felt and were very safe. However you should always be alert and aware of your surroundings. They simply do not have the same safety standards as we do in other countries. So if there is a sign to be aware of crocodiles, they really mean it!

For more information about this beautiful vacation destination, click here.


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  1. this is actually too funny. imagine playing golf and having to dodge the crocodiles! i guess it adds to the experience and something to tell they boys when you get home. Not for me to golf and crocodiles for me

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