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Travel BlogWe love to travel across the USA and Canada. We travel by car and meet many people doing the same thing as well as folks in RV’s and even on motorcycles. You can follow our travels via this blog as well as learn about places that we have been. Traveling is such an enriching experience. You learn how other people live, varying views as well as see exciting vistas, museums, parks and entertainment venues.

We are fortunate that we can take the time to travel and we love driving. For us this is the best way to really see the country and visit many places. Many of our friends think we are crazy, taking on these long driving trips. We think this is because many of them do not like to drive . Or they are the type that must get to their destination as fast as possible.

Travel Blog – Driving Styles

Consider that it takes about 50 hours of straight driving by car to get to California from eastern Ontario. This is assuming multiple drivers, with no storms or car breakdowns to cause delays and no major traffic snarls. Some people we know would do exactly this and not stop until they got there. If you do this type of trip it is going to be grueling and very exhausting.

Now if you spread your trip over ten days, you only need to drive and average of 5 hours a day which is not too bad and you have time then to sight see at places you stop, have a good meal, go for a walk and enjoy yourself. Some times you might drive 10 hours in one day and then stay at one location for a few days. We often do this, particularly when we are crossing the prairies.


Avoid setting an aggressive schedule and allow for delays either by nature, man made or mechanical breakdowns. You might need to make reservations at some locations that are busy , however for the most part just stop when you feel like it. Even during the busy summer months you can do this, however it is a good idea to call ahead and make a reservations so that you do not have to search for a place to stay. This has happened to us on several occasions, so we try to decide by 2pm were we want to stay, and then call ahead to reserve a room. Works well for us.


Flexibility and compromise are the key words when you are traveling with a companion, whether it is a long time spouse or a good friend. Be ready to pull over if one or the other wants to stop for any reason, whether it is a bathroom break, time to stretch or they saw something that looks interesting and would like to spend a few hours sight seeing.


This is important for many reasons. Take your time , stop if the weather is bad, avoid traffic jams and heavy traffic by leaving late or starting early. Don’t leave anything in your car at night to attract thieves. Stay in a good part of town. If it looks sketchy, move on. When going into major cities, make sure you know were you are going, rely on maps and GPS devices.

Have a destination in mind. Be careful were you stop for gas or ask for directions. Always carry water with your, especially in desert areas of Arizona or California and west Texas. It can get pretty hot and if you are stopped for any reason , it can get pretty hot and dry. Carry something to eat with you as well, even if it is just granola bars.  they will not fill you up but they will keep you from being hungry.

There are lots more suggestions for traveling by car and we will add them from time to time. Feel free to add your own via comments that you have from your own travel experiences.

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