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McCormick’s Classic Car Auctions.

20130222-185742.jpgMcCormick’s Classic Car Auctions takes place every February.  They set up the auction just west of the casino in the casino parking lot. There was a a tent to hold the auction and stage the cars during the auction.  Inside the tent there are tables and chairs. As well as food stands where you can grab something to eat while you are waiting for your car to come up to be auctioned off.

With over 600 cars were to be auctioned over a three day period in Palm Springs, this is a really busy time for the auctioneer’s and also for the various car dealers and individuals who are selling or buying cars.

Auction Well Attended

Thousands of people attend every year to buy cars and dream about cars they would like to buy. Admission is free during the first day and you can browse the cars and talk to some of the owners of the cars that are for sale. there is always a story behind these cars. Most are in mint condition and people are parting with the lover of their lives when they sell their cars.
20130222-190005.jpg Once couple we spoke with had a beautiful jaguar for sale. He loved his car and really did not want to sell it, however he had an accident with another car and now had a lot of medical bills to pay for. He was selling his car to help pay for the medical bills which were piling up. There are probably a thousand stories about the cars, who they belonged to and why they were selling their car.

We felt sorry for this couple, but since we were not buying, there was nothing we could do to help them. I would have really liked to buy his car. It was immaculate as most of the cars are and it would have been a good buy.

Johnny Carson’s corvette was also for sale with his name emblazoned across the windshield. This would have also been a great collector car to have as well. We are looking forward to going to next years auction as well.

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