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Manhattan in the Desert Palm Springs

Just visited Manhattan in the Desert Palm Springs for lunch. We arrive shortly after 12 and had to wait for maybe 10 minutes. This gave us lot’s of time to admire the really great looking deserts displayed in the show case near the entrance area. The deserts were truly fabulous looking and if we were not trying to watch our weight we would have had desert with our meal. Maybe next week we will go for coffee and desert!

Manhattan in the Desert Palm Springs – Fabulous Food

There were four of us and we were seated at a large table quite quickly and the service level was fine. We had among us a cob salad, a soup and salad and a sandwich and soup combo.  The soup was split pea soup and it was really quite good. Hot with some small amount of vegetables in it. Tasted great.

The portions were really large. For example if there is anything that Manhattan in the Desert is known for it is the large corn beef and pastrami sandwiches! For example a bowl of soup and a sandwich that is huge is more than enough for lunch! I had the corn beef and ask for it to be really lean. It was lean and it was fantastic!

We all decided that we would go back again sometime. The prices were right and the quantities were large. What more could you ask for?

They need to Fix the Acoustics

The only negative we noticed is that the acoustics are not that great. Especially when you get a lot of people in a room talking it can get pretty loud!

We notice on the way out around 1:30 that there was a line up to get into the place. Hence go early if you do not like waiting in line for lunch. They do take reservations according to their website.

Overall I would recommend this restaurant, Manhattan in the Desert in  Palm Springs to anyone who enjoys a great meal of corn beef or pastrami. If you have visited this restaurant and have comments, please feel free to leave them. Good comments about Manhattan in the Desert will be approved even with links back to your own web site!

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