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Losing weight the healthy way

Losing weight the healthy wayLosing weight the healthy way is pretty straightforward once you put your mind to it and have a little bit of knowledge. We were inspired to write this article based on a story that we read about a man whose name is Bryant. He was 40 years old, weighed 442 pounds, and was eating up to 8000 cal a day. He indicated that he needed 5500 cal to maintain his weight and that was amazing to him.

The average person needs less than 2000 cal to maintain their body weight assuming the regular active day.

Losing weight the healthy way

He did not know how his diet had gotten so out of control. But he viewed food as immediate gratification while going to the gym takes work. Walking takes work and moving takes work. This man through a lot of hard work and managing his diet was able to get down to 178 pounds!

He started by taking baby steps gradually reducing his diet from the 8000 cal per day until he was down to only 2100 cal per day. Simply reducing his calorie intake made a huge difference in helping him to lose weight. In addition he started exercising more which in turn burned more calories. he kept a log of how many steps he would take every day , how much exercise he would do every day and of course how many calories he ate every day.

Admittedly it takes a great deal of focus, and hard work to commit to exercising every day. It also takes commitment to reduce your diet but his results clearly show that it can be done. For more information about losing weight the right way, click here.


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