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LAX to Puerta Vallarta

LAX to Puerta VallartaFlying from LAX in Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could not be easier. We flew on a Mexican airline on a flight that took two and a half hours. We were provided with excellent service. The airline served an excellent meal on the plane as well as we were offered two drinks each. This level of service is far superior to anything you receive on the American airlines! We obviously enjoyed ourselves very much.

We drove our car to the airport and used long term parking to leave it while we were in LAX to Puerto Vallarta on vacation. Parking was easy, although expensive and transfer to the airport was no problem. LAX is large so give yourself lots of time to transit to the right air terminal. Security was the usual which you would expect at any of the large airports. We were bused out to our plane since there was no gate for it to pull up to.

LAX to Puerta Vallarta

We arrived in LAX to Puerto Vallarta at a fairly new and modern airport. It is a lot smaller than LAX, but easy to get around, get through customs, find your bags and obtain a taxi. The only thing we did not like was that you have to pay an airport tax when you leave the airport in a taxi. It almost doubles the cost of the fair but then were not going far. The airport is located next to the marina. In fact you can easily walk from the marina area of Puerto Vallarta to the airport. It only took approximately 30 minutes.

Returning from Puerto Vallarta to LAX is much the same. We flew the same airline and were treated in the same wonderful manner. Flying Mexicana airlines is by far the best way to travel compared to many of the American airlines or even the Canadian airlines. They offer better service, the flight attendants are actually nice to their customers and it can be a very enjoyable flight.

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