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Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep

Kids Not Getting Enough SleepAre your kids not getting enough sleep? If they fall asleep in class like this poor guy, chances are they are not getting the sleep they need. But even if they do not fall asleep in class, they may be grouchy with their parents, their siblings or their friends. They may also lack energy as well if they are tired all of the time and will turn to food as a source of energy which can also lead to weight gain. If you feel that your kids fall into the category of kids not getting enough sleep, it is time to do something to change their habits and make sure they get the rest they need.

Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep: What To Do

Sometimes it can be over-stimulation from video games, late-night sports activities and these tend to make it more difficult to fall asleep. By eliminating these stimulating activities or controlling them so that they end earlier will give your kids a chance to get to sleep earlier.

Many kids have TV’s in their rooms as well as game controllers and cell phones. Whether they are watching TV, playing games or talking on the phone with their friends, they are not sleeping. Social activities will take precedence for kids anytime over getting to sleep. You may have to exercise some control or limits if it is felt that this is the source of your kids not getting enough sleep.

Establish Better Habits

Enrolling your kids in early evening sports can make a big difference. They burn off energy and they need to have a shower or bath at night as well. All of these things take energy and make them more ready for bed at night. Sports activities contribute to building better bodies as well as to more positive social activities. They also burn calories and help the kids maintain the proper weight for their age rather than gain extra weight. They can avoid teenage obesity, sugar diabetes, and other childhood illnesses.

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  1. A doctor shulod not be suggesting Fibromyalgia until other conditions such as MS and sleep apnea have been ruled out.Burning pain makes me think there is inflammation. Fibromyalgia does NOT have inflammation.Fibromyalgia itself does nto cause muscle spasms, but injury causing spasms can be a complication.Fibromyalgia is believed to be a disorder of teh central nervosus system.Your sysmptoms sound severe for sleep apnea, but it is a possiblity.Be sure you are screened for MS (MRI, spine fluid analysis) and LYMES disease

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