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Kern Rafting River Whitewater

Kern Rafting River WhitewaterLocated in California, Kern Rafting River Whitewater is just three hours north of Los Angeles in the Sequoia National Forest. They have over 60 miles of commercially-run whitewater. As a result this location is a beautiful place to visit for residents of LA and other local cities.

The Rafting River Whitewater season begins in April as the snowpack from the western slope of the highest peak in the continental United States, Mt. Whitney, begins to melt. Of course this snowmelt drains into the upper river basin and makes it way down to the Lake Isabella reservoir.

The water is then let out of the Isabella dam forming a 21-mile stretch of excellent whitewater. As a result the Lower Kern, rafting one and two-day whitewater trip into September can be taken.

Kern Rafting River Whitewater

At Kern Rafting you can have a quality outdoor experience.  Of course the Kern Rafting River Whitewater staff is excited each year to help meet the needs of our Rafting Special guests. They are excited to get them out on the river. The staff is proud to work in such an enjoyable and exciting occupation. This is one of America’s most exciting and versatile rivers.

Kern Rafting River Whitewater can accommodate just about all age and experience levels you can bring. The company operates on all commercial sections of the Kern. This includes the Forks, high in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the Southern Sierra. Whether you are looking for a short, mild jaunt or a raging class V multiple-day wilderness adventure, we have it waiting for you and your group.

The guides are among the most knowledgeable and friendly in the business, having run many different rivers. Their love of whitewater and people can be seen from their mastery of the rapids and the delicious meals they prepare.

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