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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree National Park offers stupendous views of the Coachella valley as seen in this picture overlooking Palm Springs and the other valley cities. The Joshua trees, the rocks, the mountains and the desert provide scenes that you find amazing. The height of these mountains on the eastern side of the valley are between 6000 and 8000 feet. They  provide stupendous views of the valley.

Joshua Tree National Park – Scenery

Tourists can drive through the park and in particular up to a lookout point that is within a few hundred feet of the look out point.20130418-162325.jpg

Try to go up to the lookout point on a sunny day and when it is not too windy.  Even on days when there is little wind in the valley there is always wind at this elevation. the mountains to the North and to the West are above 11,000 feet. In fact you can take the Tram up to the western mountains which takes you to 8500 feet . There are many hiking trails in this area, up to 54 miles at last count of hiking trails.

Of course there are many hiking trails as well as camping trails in the Joshua park as well, with numerous places to hike as well as camp or park an RV. Campers should note that everything they take in with them must also come out with them. Please keep the park pristine and enjoyable for other campers.



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