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How Much Sleep Do You Need

How Much Sleep Do You NeedWe all cut back on our sleep due to various pressures from work and family life issues. It is the easiest thing to do when you are pressed for time. Yet it is probably one of the worst things you can do with regards to your health. Lack of sleep, even a little loss can take a toll on your health. How Much Sleep Do You Need? Lack of sleep affects your mood, your energy level, your ability to handle stress. Also your ability to deal with complex activities and to focus on a variety of tasks that are required in everyday life. Some people do get by with less sleep than others. But most of us just need to get our rest. The experts say that an average of eight hours an evening are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

How Much Sleep Do You Need

Adults need 7.5 hours to 9 hours of sleep and children should be sleeping even more to help their bodies grow and progress in a healthy manner. Anything less than that and our bodies will begin to show the tell tale signs of sleep deprivation. Mood swings, over reaction to various stress issues, getting colds more often and a lowering of the bodies defense mechanisms can cause more serious ailments.

If your job or daily life is so demanding that you feel that you need to give up on rest, consider that if you are well rested, you are going to be more efficient and alert. Job performance will increase and you will get more done. You will lose less time from struggling over decisions or complex tasks and you will lose less time as well if the emotional issues do not get in the way. Getting enough rest will help all of these things and make you more fun to be around.

If you are not alert and energetic all day long then you are probably not getting enough rest. Take some time to re-evaluate your sleep patterns and improve your energy levels. Relying on caffeine to give you an energy boost is not the best approach. Many people also eat high energy foods to combat sleep loss or low energy periods during the day, which can contribute to weight gain. Figuring out how much rest do you need personally can dramatically affect your life in a positive way.

Who knew that all of these issues including weight gain can be linked back to not getting enough rest. For more rest suggestions, click here.

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