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News Items of InterestWriting about interesting news items of interest  is something I have wanted to do for some time. That is write about current events and news that is sweeping the world and even some that are local as well. Many items are picked up by the main line news media and they jump to conclusions and avoid contrary views. They Work it to death until some other story comes a long and then they move on to that. CNN and HLN are particularly bad for this style of news items.

This site will be following the news and posting articles that summarize the issue and provide our own views of what is going on. Sometimes we will agree with the talking heads of the big news reporting agencies and sometimes we will not. This is our right to free speech and to our own opinion.

We will not engage any kind of hate mongering, anything that would be considered in bad taste and no discrimination. If we do by accident tell us about it. We also will not tolerate any comments that engage in this sort of thing either. Some people might say this is blocking free speech and I suppose it is, however we own this blog and we are not lowering ourselves to this kind of communication.

There is so much to chose from in terms of news items. How will we decide what we will talk bout on any given day or week? Well I guess it will be what interests us initially and late on what is of interest to our readers. Some posts will be on international items, while others will be purely local. You tell us what you want to hear about as well by leaving comments on interesting topics that we should follow.

We will be advertising on our blog. All news channels do this and we must as well to make a little money. You can ignore the ads if you like, unless of course you see something interesting. These are 3rd party ads and not provided by our team.

Our first topic will be on our next post. We have not decided just what that topic will be yet. There are so many to chose from. As of Aug 11th, it could be the stock market, the riots in England, the end of summer in Canada, the Ontario election, the US election, Casey Anthony, the missing women in Aruba and one of a hundred other news stories.

News Items of Interest

Criteria for Selection

Our criteria for selecting topics is not finalized, however we are beginning to come up with a list that we think we may use initially and then refine as we go along. Our list as it stands right now includes:

  • Items that affect a large number of people
  • Controversial topics
  • Topics were we disagree with the major news channels
  • Good news stories
  • Self interest stories

That is pretty broad, however to start with that will help focus us on stories that we want to talk about. We will also appreciate thoughts from our readers as well as more and more people read these posts. So keep your comments coming. We are going to try and do 5 posts per week depending on our schedule and what is happening in the world. This is a tough objective to do that many posts, so don’t beat us up if we miss a post or too.

Our intention is not to provide up to date news breaking information. You can get that by following any news channel. Instead we will do a quick summary of what is already available on the public airways. Then provide our own analysis and opinion about what is going on. Remember that is just an opinion which could be right or wrong. We accept that and we would be happy to update our post if new facts etc are brought to our attention.

Well that is about it for now in terms of a statement of what we are going to try and do. Watch for our first post and subsequent posts on this blog!




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