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Nutrition and Exercise, Diet

Diet, Nutrition and ExerciseDiet, nutrition and exercise are such an important aspect of our lives and yet many people do not pay attention to what they eat or how much they eat. This web site is aimed at helping people understand the importance of eating a healthy well balanced diet. We believe that moderation is key. That you can eat just about everything and you do not need to starve yourself. We also believe that dealing with various medical issues contribute to diet. Also to overall weight issues. We will be discussing some of these from time to time as well.

We are bombarded with food related ads all of the time on TV, the radio, the newspaper and on billboards, yet none of these really talk about nutrition. Instead they urge your to purchase their products and to enjoy them often. There are diet schemes that promise quick results in a matter of weeks or days. None of these are real and most diets take perseverance and discipline to actually lose weight. There is no silver bullet, you just have to work hard at dieting, while eating the proper foods and exercise to build up muscle tissue while burning calories.

Diet, Nutrition and Exercise – Use the Buddy System

Many people become disillusioned and forget about losing weight and they end up shortening their lives significantly as a result of poor diet, eating too much and no exercise. Having a buddy to work with can be a huge advantage. When your down or fall off your diet or exercise routine, your buddy can help you get back on the routine. You can also help your buddy as well. When you are working in a team, things just go better. Diet, nutrition and exercise  is key to avoid these problems.

Exercise, The Added Ingredient

Although most advertisements focus on diet and nutrition along with their special products, everyone should eat moderate amounts of food, a well balanced diet and ensure that they have foods that provide their bodies with all of the essential elements and vitamins, there is one more factor.

That factor of course is exercise. We do not believe in suggesting that you run the marathon or that you run 20 miles everyday. Instead we urge consumers to get out and go for a walk every day or every second day. park the car further from the door to the shopping center, walk a block or several blocks to the corner store, work in your garden. The main thing is to do something that keeps you active everyday and provides you with a moderate amount of exercise. Exercise can be fun, especially if you do it with someone else. Burning calories and building muscle is key to increasing your metabolism over all.

Sodium & Saturated Fats

Fast food, take out food, and prepared food no matter were you purchase it is generally not good for you. They tend to be higher in saturated fats, higher in sodium and lack the necessary vitamins that you really need to support a healthy lifestyle. Focus on reading labels if you want to balance diet, nutrition and exercise.

You really have to read the labels. One big issue with me personally is the amount of sodium or salt in prepared food. I seen store bought pizza with sodium counts as high as 35% of your daily intake in one piece of pizza. Salt is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension leads to heart attacks, and over a period of time harms many of the organs in the body.

Watch your salt content in all foods that you are eating and if possible add less salt to your meals over time. Personally, I stopped adding salt to meals and found that I enjoy the meal much more now, since I can taste the real taste of the food and not the salt in the food. If you really need something, add spices to give some taste to your meal and avoid that bland taste of an excellent meal.

Saturated fats are another key ingredient to watch for. The higher the saturated fats, the more damage you do to your body in terms of cholesterol and calories you add to your system. If you have high cholesterol, consumers can deal with it in a number of ways. For some people all they need to do is change their diet, moving away from  high cholesterol food. Others are genetically inclined to high cholesterol and will have to take cholesterol reducing pills. Either way it is important to get this under control so that your arteries do not get clogged with fat causing blockages, heart attacks and strokes.

Diet, Nutrition and Exercise – In Summary

So to sum up our message about diet and nutrition, eat everything in moderate amounts. Eat good food as much as possible. Make sure you are getting the proper mix of vitamins and essential minerals and exercise. Even if it means going for a walk around the block. You will enjoy your life and those around you much more when you eat well and manage your weight.

Take control of your life. You may have dependents, you may be missing out on many of life’s experiences,  and you could be significantly shortening your life due to the additional weight obesity related diseases that plague anyone who is overweight. These include diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, all types of joint problems and esteem issues. Many over weight people have low esteem due to their high weight. This also contributes to poor or limited relationships in some cases, as well as issues at work.

So it is time to do something about your life and get on a plan to beginreducing your weight, getting some exercise and eating properly!



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