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Great Fun Filled Camping Games

Next time when you go camping, try to play these fun games with people in your group or other campers. Certainly these great fun filled camping games can give you and your kids lots of laughs. As a result this is a great way to build relationship with other campers.

Circle Jumping

Stand everyone in a circle with all hands clasped. One of the crowds lies down in the center with a rope as long as one-half the diameter of the circle. To the end of the rope is tied a small weight like a sand bag. He whirls the weight around with the full length of rope revolving with increasing rapidity. As it approaches the players, they hop up and let it pass under their feet. The one whose foot is touched is out of the game. Consequently the person who keeps out of the way of the rope the longest is the winner.


Here is a Japanese game full of fun and action.

Place a dozen or more campers in line, and have each fellow place his hands firmly on the shoulders of the person in front of him. Choose one of the fellows for the “Wolf.” The first person at the head of the line is called the “Head” of the Serpent, and the last fellow is the “Tail.”
The “Wolf” stands near the head of the Serpent until a signal is given. Then he tries to catch the “Tail” without touching any other part of the snake.

The others who form the body of the Serpent protect the “Tail” by wreathing about in all sorts of twists to prevent the “Wolf” from catching the “Tail.” This must be done without breaking the line. When the “Tail” is caught, the “Wolf” becomes the “Head,” and the “Tail” becomes the “Wolf.” The last person in line is the “Tail”. Therefore the game can be continued until every camper has been the “Wolf.”

Great Fun Filled Camping Games

Rover, All Come Over
A line is marked dividing the campus. All the campers gather on one side. One person in the center endeavors to have them step over the line by calling out, “Rover, Rover, all come over!”. At the word “over” everybody is expected to run and cross the line, while the center man endeavors to catch one. The one caught must help him catch the others. If any one runs over before the center man calls “over,” he has to go to the aid of the catcher. As a result when all are caught the game begins again.

German Bowling

Plant in the ground two posts, leaving at least 15 feet above ground. Spike a 10-foot piece across the top. An ordinary ball used in bowling is used by plugging shut the holes and inserting a screw eye in one of the plugged holes. Tie tightly to this screw eye a strong piece of rope. A good-sized screw eye is fastened in the cross piece of the frame, and to this tie the ball. Nine bowling pins are used. The score is the same as bowling. The pins are knocked off by the return of the ball.

Water Baseball

The outfit required is a tennis ball, a broom stick and four rafts- one large and three small. The batsman and catcher stand on the big raft. On a small raft, ten yards away, stands the pitcher and the other two rafts are placed at easy swimming distance for bases. In striking, everything counts – bunt, swat or foul tip. The moment bat and ball come in contact the batsman starts for first base. There are five men on a side. This game is lots of fun. But avoid remaining in fresh water too long as it has a tendency to weaken vitality.

Enjoy your outdoor camping!

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