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George Best Airport Belfast

George Best Airport BelfastGeorge Best Airport Belfast city airport was renamed in commemoration of the legendary footballer George Best. George Best was one of  Belfast’s most famous sports heroes. He was said to be the best footballer in the world by many players and sports commentators. He played for Manchester United in his prime, and was part of  the best Man Utd side ever. Best played in the 60s. His skill on the football pitch led to his stardom off the pitch. A stardom that was said  to be his downfall unfortunately for him. He loved all of the benefits of being a star foot baller.

George Loved Life

George loved his flamboyant lifestyle a bit too much and became an alcoholic, which ended his footballing career at an early age. George’s alcoholism damaged his liver and  lead to his death. In 2002 his liver gave up, and he received a liver transplant that enabled him to live a few more years. This scare really was not enough to make him stop drinking unfortunately.

But with his incessant drinking which he never stopped after his transplant,  even a liver transplant couldn’t keep him alive for longer than a few years. It is a shame that someone with this much potential threw away his life-like this. Someone famous like this could have done so much good for his country and his team. But he just could not stay away from alcohol for whatever reason. Unfortunately this occurs far too often and many people just cannot explain why they let happen to them. perhaps in Georges’s case it was the pressure of being a major league soccer star.

George died on 25th November 2004. The nation mourned George’s death and named the city airport after his memory. The Irish, English and people from both sides of the divide in Belfast lined the streets at his funeral. They mourned his death and to recognize a great sports figure.

George Best Airport Belfast – Belfast City Airport

Until that time, Belfast city airport had no other name than “Belfast city airport”. It was decided to commemorate Belfast’s Best by naming this airport after George. George Best Belfast city airport is Belfast’s second airport.

Belfast’s international airport, Aldergrove airport  is situated 20 miles outside of the city center. Aldergrove is the main airport serving Belfast. Although it is 20 miles away from the city center it only costs £20 to get into the city center by taxi. It takes 20 minutes for a Belfast airport taxi to get from Belfast international airport to west Belfast. About 30 minutes to get to the city center.

Belfast is situated on the north-east of part Ireland. Belfast is a beautiful city, and is quickly becoming a major tourist center in northern Europe. This transition has occurred  since there has been less violence after the work done by Tony Blair’s government. Also the people of Northern Ireland to stop the violence and save lives.

Airports evolve over time as I am sure this airport will. There will be upgrades to handle large planes and to handle more traffic. Now that the violence has decreased more and more people will be visiting Belfast Ireland. They will revisit some of the history that everyone loves to see. The George Best Airport Belfast is receiving far more traffic than it did in the 60’s.

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  1. we flew through this airport once and had no problems. security was really high but that is to be expected.

  2. same with us, no problems at all through George Best Airport

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