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Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gas Prices Continue to RiseGas prices continue to rise, hitting $3.90 in the last week of March. for some reason the people in the United States are not saying much about it. although the news people dutifully report the daily increases, it does not seem to get much traction. There are just too many other stories around that have more interest than rising gas prices. Which has been going on now for over 3 months. All I know is that it has probably added $200 to the cost of my vacation this year! That is a direct cost since we tend to go on driving vacations.

Anyone traveling via plane will see a jump as well. Of course all of our food costs are going to increase as well. With all of the truckers on the road, and the cost of diesel going up, food prices are going to increase as well. So why is the US consumer not complaining more. Or have we just given up and are accepting what is going to be the inevitable. Higher prices for gasoline are here to stay!

Why is the US Consumer so Ambivalent

Other times when gasoline prices began to rise, there were protests and investigations before congress concerning price fixing and on and on. This time when gasoline prices have risen far more there does not seem to be any concern or perhaps the explanations are too clear. They blame it on the Iran crisis and the nuclear issue. Which is a matter of national security so who is going to fight that one. Nobody that’s for sure.

Gas Prices continue to Rise

Perhaps the US consumer is just tired of protesting. Realizing that in the end there is nothing they can do about it anyway. The oil companies are just going to increase the prices to keep their profits way up. Even though we protest, nothing will ever get done. The only thing we can do is to consume less and avoid using our cars. Which does help in a little way by decreasing the amount of pollution that is put into the air.

Perhaps I am just ranting here and no one will listen or care. Perhaps I too feel that there is nothing we can do, so might as well move on to other things that I can control. We try to drive our car as little as possible, however vacation time is coming and I am not about to give that up. maybe we will not drive quite as far this year!

Comments appreciated. Do you feel the same way we do?


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  1. Back in April when this post first came out gas prices were coming down. and stayed down for a few months. But now they have started going up again, rising ten cents just in the last week for a gallon of gas

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