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Fitness in Winter Months

Fitness in Winter Months is important. There are safe ways to accomplish or maintain your fitness regimen. This lady is enjoying herself, out on the road jogging. She is jogging on the gravel portion to maintain her grip and not slip on the ice. She has conditioned her body to deal with the colder air. As long as she keeps moving she will be warm with even the light clothing she is wearing.

The only criticism that we have is that she should be running on the left hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. She should not be wearing earphones. She should be able to hear vehicles coming from behind her. We are not totally sure that she is wearing ear phones. But many joggers will wear them to help them focus and maintain their pace. This can be very dangerous for joggers in that they are not aware of their surroundings and are often hit by oncoming vehicles. Fitness in winter months or anytime really is also about being safe.

Fitness in Winter Months

If you are going to work out outside in the winter time, take the time to condition your body to deal with the cold weather. Not only do you have to build your muscles up to be able to jog for longer distances, you need to condition your lungs to deal with the deep breaths of cold air. In extremely cold weather protect your lungs by covering your face and especially your nose and mouth. In addition plan your route. For example you never want to be in a position where you have a chance to cool off and no where to go to get warm. The clothing you wear needs to be ready for cold weather. Your shoes are probably the most important since you need to have a really good grip to deal with ice and snow. In fact you may want to have several pairs to allow one pair to sufficiently dry out when using another.

Fitness in Winter Months – Workout Inside

In extremely cold climates, many people head off to the gym or walk in malls to avoid the cold weather, the snow and the ice. This can be far safer than working out outside. however there are other sports to consider such as cross country skiing, down hill skiing and snow shoeing.

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