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Fight Cyber Bullying

Fight Cyber BullyingWe just watched a short TV news item on Good Morning America about a girl who was cyber bullied online. We all need to fight cyber bullying. She was bullied online because many people felt that she was not pretty enough to be a cheer leader for the Packers football team. There were pictures of her on a web site that was not associated with the team.

The headline essentially suggested that she should not be a cheer leader since she was not the usual big breasted women. Also with gorgeous hair etc that cheer leaders have come to be known for. She might not have fit the common mold. But she certainly did not deserve the many vicious comments that followed this particular post.

Fight Cyber Bullying

She found a really unique way to respond. She posted a YouTube video accompanied by music with hand written cards. It went absolutely viral in less than 24 hours. As a result there were well over a million hits in the first 24 hours. It forced the original web site to take down their post and all of the bad comments that had been posted. This is a great way to bring attention to bad taste and hurtful comments that seem to be popular on many online sites.

We hope that this serves as an example of how people can fight back against cyber bullying. Do it in a positive constructive way to get these kinds of results.

Where did this Happen

This was on the Chicago Bears Fan page. These peopleĀ  finally removed the offending posts. Also the comments along with the over 3000 likes that the page had accumulated. They were a bit slow removing it and they should never have had it up there in the first place. The people who run this site are probably bullies themselves and thought it was funny. Too bad for them.

We think that people should boycott their page and the advertisers that place advertising on it. For more posts about online bullying, click here.


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