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Driving on I40 near Albuquerque

Driving on I40 near AlbuquerqueTwo died, a mini van and two trucks , all lanes closed for four hours, east bound closed for more than 11 hours. We were Driving on I40 near Albuquerque and 8 miles from our destination for the night! We could not go anywhere and spent a lot of time sitting on the road without a whole lot of gas in the gas tank either. The following is a summary of a short chat we had with our kids about what happened to us.

Driving on I40 near Albuquerque

Missed it by ten minutes because mom had to go to the bathroom! Too bad we had to stop, if we had not maybe we would have passed the location before the accident happened.

On the side of the road >> Nothing to eat >> Yes >> >> Just woke up, I am so hungry , >> Will call later. We were stuck and went to the bathroom on the side of the road.

OH MY GOD! Where did you go to the bathroom? Did you have anything to eat? You must be so upset! >>> —— Pretty annoyed.

Just got into our hotel room, stranded on the highway for 10 hours, big accident blocked both lanes. >>> >>> Going to sleep now. We only slept for 4 hours and then woke up. Had breakfast and continued on our trip.

I’m a bit stranded in Amsterdam because of the fog.. Worst places to be I suppose! >>>> >>>> Flight Yesterday was cancelled and today is over booked. Still waiting to see if I can get on… >>>> >>>> Hope the drive is going well. Once we got a good nights sleep we were ok, but it waas a long 48 hours. We had a thanksgiving dinner to get too in Washington. Still a long way to go. They have delayed the dinner by one day so we could still participate.

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