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Diet & Will Power

Common Sense NutritionThis post is all about diet and avoiding eating more than you should, ie Diet & Will Power. My wife is constantly trying to lose weight. However she has no willpower and cannot avoid eating sweets as well as munchies that are available in our house most of the time.

In fact if there are deserts in the house, she will have a helping for breakfast instead of a regular breakfast. If we can avoid having some of these foods in the house then we cannot eat these things. We have found this is one of the most significant ways to help to manage our diets. Keep the snacks out of the house!

Food in the Home

Yes if there are desserts in the house,  guaranteed it will be eaten before the morning arrives or sometime shortly after. She would rather have dessert for breakfast instead of having a proper nutritional breakfast. In fact she does not even like breakfast, but will have dessert if it is in the house for breakfast. The only way that she seems to be able to have any control over what she eats is to avoid having the food in the house. We find that if we buy peanuts or chips, we both start snacking.

Couch Potato

She will sit down and eat them while watching a TV show or just munch on them during the afternoon. There’s no way that you can let them sit there. This is a terrible way to try to control your diet so we have found that the best way is to avoid buying all those kinds of things. If we’re having a party for some reason the people we have those kinds things in as the host of the party.

If you fall into this category and cannot avoid eating food that’s in the house the best approach is to have food that are low calorie can nature. Fruits and vegetables are a good example of the kinds of foods to have in the house. In fact weight watchers has recently changed their scoring system to include  most if not all fruits and vegetables to zero points. This means that you can eat as much of this kind of food as you want.

Get Out of the House, Go For a Walk

Another approach is to get out of the house even if it’s just for a walk or go to an exercise gym. Participate in something that gets you moving to start to burn calories. Sitting in the house watching TV eating high calorie food is just a recipe to gain weight.

So this is the season to maintain your weight or to lose weight, avoid having all of these high carb and calorie foods in the house.  Avoid foods such as peanuts chips, pretzels and other foods about type. Instead have lots of fruits and vegetables in your home to munch on whenever you have the urge to eat something. Also avoid any kind of dips that go along with these things unless it is zero  calories and zero carbs. Also avoid food that has a lot of salt in them.

Read the labels on every food that you can eat to avoid high salt content. Also to make sure that you’re eating low-carb  low calorie food if you’re on a diet and cannot avoid or do not have the willpower to avoid eating. Especially important while you’re sitting watching TV reading a newspaper or just quietly reading.

Get up and move around even if it is housework or going for a walk or going to the gym or biking. Anything that gets you away from the fridge away from getting any kinds of munchies. When you feel the urge to read something get out of the house and go for a walk. For more information on diets, click here.


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  1. Good ideas for losing weight. We all should get into the habit of reading the labels on the food we eat. It’s a good way to learn about the content of food and just how healthy it is.

    I have a tip for increasing will power that you can read about on my blog. It’s kind of amusing and takes just a little bit of time and effort. It’s the post titled, “Try this for some will power in your diet.”

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