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Dental self insurance

Dental self insuranceAnyone who does not have dental insurance from work or where they’re employed, is effectively providing their own dental self insurance. Self insuring is anytime that you have to pay for your own dental treatment for check ups, root canals, and other procedures .

Many people have chosen this route because they feel that the dental insurance that they were paying is far too expensive. However many others just don’t have dental coverage as a benefit from their place of employment.

What is the right decision – Dental self insurance?

If your family is pretty confident that all they will need is routine twice a year dental checkups. Perhaps with x-rays every year or perhaps every two years, then you probably should be self funding your own dental coverage. If on the other hand you’re going to need a number of treatments Dental coverage should be considered. For example for things like children’s braces, root canals, and other dental procedures can be very expensive.

Before you take dental insurance verify what is covered in the dental plan that you were considering. Many dental plans will only cover 50% of root canals and 50% of children’s braces. Anything that would be considered cosmetic may not be covered at all. It is important to read the details of your coverage. Ensure that you were actually being covered for the things that you will need in the future.

Save for your dental treatments!

If you know that you will have a number of dental procedures in the near future start saving. Perhaps your family has a history of root canals etc. If you do not have dental coverage from your employer, then you may want to set aside some money for these treatments in the future. A separate savings account can be used. You could deposit the same payment that you would have made for dental insurance into this account. Overtime the amount of money in the account will be more than sufficient to pay for all of the dental treatment including checkups and regular procedures that you will ever need.

There may be some years when you’re in the negative. You will have to pay out of your separate regular daily accounts. But your savings account where you’re making regular deposits for your dental coverage will catch up. It will provide all of the money will ever need to cover all of your dental treatments.

Something to think about in terms of providing-year-old self-insured dental program. For more information about health related issues and insurance, click here.


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