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Cold breakfast at IHOP Biloxi Mississippi

cold breakfast at IHOP Biloxi MississippiWe have not been to an IHOP restaurant in a long time, however, we decided to try one in Biloxi Mississippi. We were very disappointed due to the cold breakfast at IHOP Biloxi Mississippi. This was an IHOP located along the Gulf Coast road that runs along the water past all of the casinos.

The restaurant was crowded and busy and we expected good service and good food based on its reputation and also the fact that there were lots of people in the restaurant.

the amount of food was good for the value however the side order of toast was cold and pancakes although unlimited were also cool. The butter would not even melt on either the toast or the pancakes.

Cold breakfast at IHOP Biloxi Mississippi

When we asked the waitress about this problem, she volunteered to get us a new order. However, we noticed that all of the other patrons were having the same issue. No one seemed to be complaining so we told her not to bother.

We filled in the survey to communicate our thoughts about the issue. We wanted to let them know that this was not a good experience. In addition, we filled out this blog entry to let other readers know about IHOP and its poor service.

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