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Central Vacuums Are Better for Your health

Treating AllergiesIt is common sense that a central vacuums are better for your health with the canister / motor located outside. They are better for your health and for your allergies than almost any other vacuum! Why is this, the case you ask? The traditional vacuum that you use today is only as good as the filter. It captures a percentage of the dust and dirt that finds its way into your home.

It will capture the larger particles with no problem. You routinely empty all the dirt into the trash can. However the finer particles will pass right through the filter and back into the air of your home. These fine particles consist of dirt, bacteria and viruses. Many people are allergic to these things and some of these can even make you sick. While they were on the floor and not being disturbed they really do not bother anyone. They are so small that you do not see them and you do not breathe them when they are at rest on the floor or furniture.

Once the vacuum stirs them up they are now in the air for you to breathe and ingest into your lungs. They can irritate the linings of the nose and throat and the lungs causing an allergic reaction among many people.

How Are Central Vacuums Different

Central vacuums are no different if the canister is located inside the home. They have an exhaust and will blow the fine particles around the house in the same way that the regular vacuum will. In fact they may be worse since many people will locate them in the utility area close to the furnace which will capture these particles and blow them throughout the house.

Consumers who locate the central vacuum outside in the garage will be doing themselves and their families a huge favor. Now all air is exhausted outside the living area of the home. Your garage may be a little dustier as a result; however this is far superior to having any of these particles inside your home. Now all dust, bacteria, mites and viruses are not longer suspended in the air of your home. They are outside in your garage. Some homeowners will even open the garage door to allow better circulation of fresh air.

One work of caution, do not locate the canister for the central vacuum close to the fresh air vent for the furnace or air exchange system. Most are not in the garage; however we thought that this point should be included for obvious reasons.

Other Advantages of a Central Vacuum in Addition to being Better for Your Health

No one likes to dust furniture. We all have to dust furniture all of the time, since no matter what we do, there always seems to be a fine layer of dust that settles out of the air onto the furniture. This is partially some of the dust that passes through your vacuums dust bag into the air inside your home.

By exhausting the exhaust air from your central vacuum located in the garage, there will be much less dust particles in your home and the amount of dusting you need to do will be vastly decreased. The same is true for all cleaning that is needed on a regular basis.

Central vacuum hoses are covered with a cloth bag so that they will not mark the furniture as you drag it about the house while doing your vacuuming. Central vacuum hoses are also lighter and easier to move around your home compared to the large traditional vacuums.

Why Did we Include this Topic on a Diet Site

We strongly feel that diet, allergies, and tiredness from not sleeping due to allergies are all related. If you are tired all of the time, the tendency is to eat to replace the energy you do not have. People eat high sugar foods to give them that instant energy hit. It helps them get you through the day. If you can reduce the dust by using a central vacuum there is a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep. Hence as a  result eating much less.

The more we investigate all of these topics related to diet, we are finding that there is a link and we want people to be aware of these links and topics. For more information about allergies, click here.



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  1. we have a central vac and it vents inside our home. What a ridiculous thing to have done. we all have allergies and the dust is ridiculous. Because of this post, we are going to vent it outside into the garage.

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