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Canada Post reduces service

The Canadian post office system has just announced a new program. It will take place over five years to reduce the service to Canadians. Many people are upset and worried that they will not receive the service that they have been used to. This announcement took place in 2013. A new liberal government has just been elected. Now they have put the Canada Post reduces service program on hold. It is on hold until the new government has a chance to weigh in on this issue. Too bad, they will go on to lose millions at taxpayers expense.

The fact of the matter is the post office is losing billions of dollars. If we don’t do something soon this will just cost the taxpayer great deal of money which we cannot afford.

Over 8000 people will lose their jobs. The price of stamps will go up to one dollar. Local door-to-door service will replaced by community mailboxes. There are other steps that they are taking however these are the main ones that will reduce the cost to the post office over the future.

Canada Post reduces service!

Why are they taking these specific steps? Consumers simply are not using the post office in the same manner that they have been over the past hundred and 50 years. The majority of mail is being sent by email,. Electronic bill statements are common and people are cutting their costs by simply not sending out birthday cards, Christmas cards and other mail that they can just as easily send by electronic means.

In addition operations costs have increased at the post office with the higher wages, significant pension payments and many people retiring from the post office. The amount of money that they owe to the pension system is staggering.

Canada post is not alone! The US postal system has been losing billions of dollars for years and Congress is struggling with eliminating Saturday delivery service. The English UK post office has been receiving money from the government for years to keep them afloat. All of them are struggling to retain the same level of service that they’ve been delivering for years when their communities the customers no longer require the service.

Our next post is going to post some questions about the Canada Post pension system and whether it is sustainable or not. Will Canada post pensioners have to take a haircut? For more ideas about future trends, click here.

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