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Camping With the Kids

Camping With the KidsAt the mention of the word ‘camping’,  children and even adults get excited and chomp at the bit to be off? For an urbanite, camping with the kids affords a change from the restrictions imposed by city life, it is chance to meet new friends and do something different from every day life. The out of doors fills you with a sense of freedom under the open skies and our imaginations take us back to the time of cowboys and Indians. Camping with the kids is all about doing without creature comforts and doesn’t seem to matter when adventure beckons. It is exciting for the kids and the adults as well!

Camping With the Kids – Keeping the Children Busy

The common worry is how to keep the children occupied. Can you get them away from their favorite TV channel or computer game? Children are adaptable and you will find that they bring a great deal of enjoyment to the outing with the right activities. With a little ingenuity, you can make it an experience they’ll never forget.

Children can never resist water. It doesn’t matter if the body of water is a small stream or a large lake, as long as you can find a convenient spot to paddle or swim in. They can spend hours splashing about, reveling in every minute of it. The pleasant change from the artificial pools of the city and the novelty of the natural surroundings add to their sense of excitement.

Always, check if the water is safe and always have an adult monitoring them while they are in the water. Don’t ever let the children swim without supervision, and if they must dive, make sure it is safe to do so first.

Camping With the Kids – Activities

Go For a Bike Ride or take a Hike

You can’t ask for a better way to take in the scenery than from a bike. Walking could be tough going and hot work as well. Another approach is to hit the bike trail with a map. Take stock of your bearings and ride together. Always take some water with you and even some snacks to make a little picnic out of your excursion. You don’t want anyone getting lost! Explore the surroundings in a leisurely manner.

Learn About the local Animals and Fauna

Prepare yourself by reading up on the fauna and flora of the region. Campsites usually have pamphlets on the birds and animals you are likely to spot. Have fun looking for them. Make a game of it. Set up a little competition with each other and total up the number of animals each one has seen. A prize at the end always helps to add to the interest. Compare the nocturnal fauna to the ones you’ve observed during the day. See that the children don’t get carried away and get too close to the animals.

Play Games

When you play games, don’t get so noisy as to disturb the quiet that the animals are used to and try not to disturb other campsites. Treat yourself to outdoor games. Find a clearing, without obstructions, (you don’t want accidents to spoil your holiday). Play good old tag or run races. Tug-of-war is another great idea.

The children’s love of going in search of things can be exploited with the game of scavenger hunt. This physical activity is a great way to help the kids get exercise. Instruct them to avoid plants like the sumac, oak and poison ivy, whose prickles are harmful.

Teach the Kids How to Navigate

An activity that can be included with the scavenger hunt is navigation. Show them how a compass works and give them a few tips on map reading as you go through the forest. It will stimulate their spirit of adventure.

Build a Campfire

Round off an exciting day with a campfire. This is entertainment and togetherness time! In the campfire’s warmth, sing and narrate stories. Some may have some eerie ones to narrate as well. Word games and riddles are fun too while toasting marshmallows and chomping on goodies like hot dogs.

Watch the Stars

Teach the children basic astronomy. There’s nothing more awe inspiring than to lie on the grass and gaze at the stars dotting that vast expanse of sky. Point out the planets and constellations you are familiar with. Wish on a shooting star and admire the grand firmament.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Don’t let a sudden downpour dispirit you. Weather is unpredictable in some places more than in others. Take it in your stride and use the rain to your advantage. Take the opportunity of doing what you’ve always wanted to do—play in the rain. However, if there’s thunder and lightning, it’s better to stay indoors and away from metal poles and large trees..


Relax and Unwind

Above all, unwind. Give yourself up to nature. Enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. How often do you get the opportunity? Feel the tension of the city leave you. Everyone should leave their cell phones, iPhones, smart phones and computers at home. Enjoy quality time with your family and the friends you’ve come with.

These are just a few suggestions of how to keep you and the children occupied when out camping. The possibilities are endless. With a little imagination, you can come up with many more ideas. Go out and have stupendous fun!

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  1. This is the best post i have seen on camping with the kids. The best advice that I read, was keep the kids busy! if they are bored, it is just a matter of them getting into trouble and more problems. you may as well plan to keep them busy while camping.

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