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Average Weather in Belfast

Average Weather in BelfastBelfast Ireland has a nice temperate climate with average highs in July and August ranging around 68F and average lows ranging around 50F. The coldest month is January with average temperatures around 43F for the high and 33F as the average low. The Average Weather in Belfast is very enjoyable temperatures for walking and working out side. You may not do a lot of sun bathing in this weather, but it is very pleasant. This is not weather that you can work on a tan. You will need clothes for multiple seasons and weather when you visit so be prepared to take a long more clothes than you might to other destinations. A jacket is a good idea as well to use in the evenings when you are out and about.  A raincoat is also a good idea no matter what time of year that you are visiting Ireland.

Average Weather in Belfast – Sunshine

During May and June, Belfast will average 6 hours of sunshine every day. While July is the warmest month, the average declines to 5 hours. Dec is the darkest month with only 1 hour on average of sunshine. Jan and Feb are not much better with only 2 hours of sunshine on average in Belfast Ireland. Anyone who needs the sun will not like Ireland. There are people who begin to get depressed without sunshine so Ireland with the clouds and rain , may not be the right place for those people. You may even need to take vitamin D supplements to compensate for the lack of sunshine!

Average Weather in Belfast – Temperature Variation

Of course you can have variations to these temperatures by quite a bit, but then it will warm up or cool down to fit into the average temperature cycle. While July is actually the warmest month, October can be wet and April can be the driest month.

Ireland has this reputation for being green all of the time and cloudy due to be surrounded by the ocean. For the 3 times I have been to Ireland, each time in the fall it has been cloudy the entire time, but little rain during my visits.  The temperature at that time was comfortable, however you did need a jacket to keep out the cool temperature. It always feels cooler when the humidity is high.  I was never cold, but did feel I needed a jacket all of the time.

Average Weather in Belfast – Precipitation

Every month Belfast will average between 2 inches and 3 inches  of rain. While April is the driest month, April still receives 2 inches on average of rain. Oct receives over 3 inches of rain on average. this is not a lot of rain compared to many locations around the world which receive far more. The combination of adequate rain and moderate temperatures leads to green every where.

Tourists in Ireland should always plan for rainy weather and cloudy cool weather. you will never be disappointed and pleasantly surprised when you have a couple of days with sunshine. This is the best way to approach weather anywhere in Ireland.

Friends of ours who spend most of their time in the deserts of north America find Ireland cold by comparison. They have become accustomed to the dry heat and the high summertime temperatures. They really find it very cold when they return to their native land to visit family and friends.  It is really about what you get used to. Ireland is a beautiful place to visit and many Irish descendents go back every year to explore their roots. We will visit Ireland one of these days and find out where our own family came from.

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  1. it is always cloudy and a lot of rain. I know Ireland is supposed to be green, but let’s have some sun once and a while.

  2. What is the best time to go to Ireland taking into account the weather? We are planning on going next year before vacation begins

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